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The audios of Borràs after learning about the investigation of his contracts: “If the mosso comes again, let me know right away”

February 7, 2018. The then Junts per Catalunya deputy, Laura Borràs, leaves Parliament after a marathon day of negotiations. The problems of the independence movement to find a candidate for president are not the only thing that is on his mind. He has learned that a mosso d’esquadra has gone to the headquarters of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC), an entity that he directed until a few weeks ago, asking for his friend Isaías H. And despite the fact that he is no longer in the ILC, Borràs sends a Whatsapp audio to an official of the cultural entity with a request: “If you come back [el mosso] or anything happens please let me know right away, eh? […] I’d rather know what’s up with this topic.”

More than four years later, “this issue” has become an accusation against Borràs for the contracts that the President of the Parliament hand-picked to her friend Isaías H. when he directed the ILC. Isaías H. and the official to whom Borràs sent the audio, Roger EP, are also under investigation. After remaining silent at the beginning of the case, Roger EP has changed his strategy and has torpedoed Borràs’ defense with some compromising revelations before the judge.

The climax has been the three audios that Roger EP has contributed to the judge to try to get the case against him filed. The recordings, to which has had access, were played before all the parties to the case in the statement Roger EP gave last week. On June 8, the complete content of Roger EP’s mobile will be turned over in court to contextualize the audios, as requested by Borràs’ defense.

In the audio messages, Borràs voices his interest in knowing details of the Mossos d’Esquadra investigation, which already generated a controversy with the Catalan police during the investigation of the case. And he insists to the official to know “all the contracts in the name of Isaías”, as well as the reason why an invoice has not been paid to his friend. Borràs even suggests paying the bill to Isaías H.

The Mossos and the Justice began to investigate the ILC contracts in 2018 as a result of a conversation intervened in November 2017 with Isaías H. in another case. “I work with Borràs, with the boss, I bill with the cooperative, I bill a few trapis over there… what’s screwed up is if Borràs stops being a director,” said Isaías H. Since the ILC case was opened , the shadow of political interference has loomed over the investigations.

In November 2018 – ten months after the audio in which Borràs asked to be notified – the Mossos registered, by court order, the headquarters of the ILC. The case was still under summary secrecy and Borràs embarrassed the then Minister of the Interior, Miquel Buch, by assuring in a radio interview that the person in charge of the Catalan police had told him that they were not investigating her. Such was the anger of the investigating judge at Borràs’s statements that she withdrew the case from the Catalan police and commissioned it to the Civil Guard.

Throughout the investigations, the Mossos investigators of the Borràs case –whose person in charge was relieved by the new Government of Aragonès– even hid files so that they would not be controlled through the Center for Telecommunications and Information Technologies (CTTI) , the public company that manages the entire IT service of the Generalitat. And they had problems finding the emails with Isaías H. that were used to investigate Borràs on the ILC servers.

“Sorry for writing you this message…”

Borràs’s audio draws attention to the fact that he is aware of the Mossos’ visit to the ILC headquarters a few hours after it occurred. As Borràs describes the official, the notice has been given by “the general secretary”, which she does not identify. The leader of Junts informs Roger EP that a Mosso d’esquadra “who was called Josep Maria, as if without identifying himself”, has gone to the ILC “asking for Isaías”.

The then deputy urges the official to keep her abreast of new police visits: “Well, if he comes back [el mosso] or any of these happen please let me know right away, eh? And although he advances that the general secretary will give him explanations about the mosso episode, Borràs makes his objective clear: “I prefer to know what happens with this issue.”

It was not the first time that Borràs was interested in ILC contracts. On December 19, 2017, when she was still formally running the institution but was already on the Junts lists for the elections that would be held two days later, the Junts leader sent another audio to Roger EP “Sorry for writing you this message…” , begins Borràs, who then asks the official for “a favor”.

Borràs’s request is that the next day, first thing in the morning, he sends to his Gmail “all the contracts we have in Isaías’s name”. Borràs insists and requests speed from the official: “Everything we have paid him with his name. It is very important and very urgent, I should have it first thing in the morning when you arrive, okay? Thanks a hug”.

Months later, when he had already been appointed Minister of Culture and the Mossos were already investigating the ILC contracts, Borràs sends his third audio to Roger EP The date is June 26, 2018. Borràs reveals in the message that Isaías has written to him H. demanding the payment of an invoice for the month of December and transfers his friend’s version to the official: “There is a server issue that tells me that he will be able to pay it this month and now I am afraid that the portal is not in this block ”.

Borràs refers to the thematic website projects that the ILC hand-picked to Isaías H. The portals did take place, but the judge maintains that Borràs and Isaías H. “conspired to defraud” the ILC by simulating offers in the 18 contracts under suspicion: Isaías H. presented budgets attributed to other people or cooperatives linked to him, so that in all cases he was awarded the project. When he did not go personally, the cooperative to which Borràs awarded the contract later made a transfer to Isaías H. Together, the 18 contracts amount to 330,442.65 euros.

“I have already told him that if it suits him, I will pay him, but I need to know that he does not turn us off without giving us information,” Borràs adds in the audio sent to the official, whom he also asks to “expedite the issue” with the CTTI so that the portals are adapted to the computer systems of the Generalitat. “Because if we don’t we will suffer”, concludes Borràs.