Saturday, September 30

The author of the Equality campaign apologizes for using images of models without a license

The author of the campaign of the Ministry of Equality that is committed to a summer “without stereotypes” or “aesthetic violence” and that has had a great international diffusion, has apologized for using images of several models without authorization and has promised to share the benefits of this work with them “in equal parts”.

Given the controversy generated through social networks by the use of the image of several models without their knowledge, sources from the Ministry of Equality have told EFE that they refer to the statements of the author, from the ArteMapache agency, since as contracting body this Department bears no responsibility.

“First of all I would like to publicly apologize to the models for having been inspired by their photographs for the ‘Summer is also ours’ campaign and for having used an unlicensed typeface (thinking it was free)”, the author points out on her Twitter account.

After the controversy, which the author recognizes as “justified”, regarding the image rights of the illustration, she assures that she has considered that “the best way to alleviate the damage that may have arisen from my conduct is to distribute the benefits that derive from this work in equal parts”.

Through an open thread on the social network, the creator assures that she is contacting the protagonists of the poster and buying the typography license “to solve it as soon as possible”, and affirms that she has received 4,490 euros for this work and not 84,000 euros, as had also been reported. This figure has been corroborated by Equality.

The message broadcast by a Twitter user accompanies a screenshot showing the file of a tender to the company The Tab Gang SL valued at 84,500 euros “for the design of creativity and the production of an awareness campaign against gender stereotypes based on the canons of female beauty, aimed at all audiences”. East contract exists and was issued by the Women’s Institute, awarded on March 17, 2022. However, in statements to Maldita.esthe ministry of Irene Montero maintains that this screenshot “corresponds to the hiring by the Women’s Institute of a creativity service for an institutional advertising campaign that will be launched in the fall and that is part of the Institutional Advertising Plan.”

Equality adds that “this campaign, which contains all the elements of a conventional campaign (spot, spots, graphics, digital, cinema and outdoor), is the only one launched by the Institute and that involves media purchases”, justifying the cost of 84,500 euros and that “the rest of the budget -can be verified in the PGE– It is for insertion in the media, which is regulated according to the centralized purchasing framework agreement”. Therefore, the campaign ‘Summer is also ours’, has not been endowed with 84,500 euros and the company The Tab Gang SL, “has nothing to do” with it or with the agency that has carried it out, as he has pointed out in his networks.

Edited images without consent

“My intention was never to abuse her image, but rather to convey in my illustration the inspiration that women like Nyome Nicholas, Raissa Galvão… Their work and image must be respected,” says the author, who thanks both their work, “even in this case”.

And not only the models Nyome Nicholas and Raissa Galvão have shown their discomfort at the use of their photos without permission. So has a third, the British model sian lord, who, in addition to being included in the poster without her permission, had her left leg prosthesis removed. She herself has shared on her Instagram the before and after of her photo.