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The automatic pistol arrives in Fornite: so you can get it | Digital Trends Spanish

The February 8 update came to Fortniteand with it, the return of a classic weapon: the automatic pistol, useful both for close combat and long-distance skirmishes.

In accordance with a note on the official blog of fortnite, the machine pistol’s large magazine makes it the weapon of choice in head-to-head engagements. On the other hand, if you choose to use it in long-range encounters, it will be best to fire short bursts to maintain aim.

Where is the automatic pistol in Fortnite

The official blog of fortnite mentions that you can find the automatic pistol on the ground, in normal and rare chests, in supply drops and when fishing for fish and sharks.

The Auto Pistol can be found in all five rarity standards (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary). Remember that each type of rarity improves the statistics of the weapon, which we share below:

  • Damage: 15-19
  • Magazine size: 35
  • Cadence: 13.5
  • Charging time: 2475-2025

The Auto Pistol will most likely join the Stinger SMG as one of the most popular close-range weapons for Season 1 Chapter 3. fortniteespecially now that many players are leaving shotguns behind, even though Epic did not report a drop in its firepower, or as is customary in shooting game parlance, “nerfing” the weapon.

For now, Epic Games said that the automatic pistol will not be included in the competitive play lists, however, it is included in the evaluation period.

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