Friday, August 12

The Autonomous Communities will receive 134,336 million in 2023 from the financing system, the largest resources in their history

The Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, has informed the autonomous communities that they will receive 134,336 million from the financing system next year, which represents an increase of 26,130 million compared to the previous year (24% more), according to Sources present at the meeting of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council have been transferred to Europa Press.

Montero has communicated this Wednesday to the autonomous communities at the meeting of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council (CPFF) that next year they will receive the largest resources in their history from the financing system.

This increase is explained by the fact that deliveries on account increased by 11%, to 124,292 million, and positive settlements in 2021 reached 10,981 million.

The head of the Finance and Civil Service portfolio explained that the positive figure for liquidations is due to the prudent forecasts of the Government and the measures adopted to strengthen employment and economic growth.

The minister recalled that, including the data for 2023, the autonomous communities will have received 178,750 million more in five years of the Government of Pedro Sánchez than in the last five full years of the Government of Mariano Rajoy, which represents an increase of 40% in the financing of the autonomies.

A nod to the autonomies in an election year

The Government approved last Tuesday the spending ceiling, which is the limit that the Government plans to apply to the General Budgets, in this case for the year 2023. From now on, a negotiation begins that promises to be arduous, even within the Executive . PSOE and United We Can must agree on the content of the budgets.

Next year presents an exercise loaded with electoral appointments. Fixed on the calendar is the call for regional and municipal elections, which are scheduled for May. It is precisely to these administrations that Montero has dedicated a wink this Tuesday. Although the Government has maintained the deficit target of 3.9% for next year, it has modified the distribution. The central administration will have less margin, by reducing its deficit target from 3.4% to 3.2%.

The communities will thus have two tenths of a margin that they did not have in the previous distribution made by the Treasury. They may have a deficit of 0.3%, compared to the 0.1% initially forecast. That difference would be equivalent to about 2,500 million. In addition, the municipalities will have a more relaxed surplus target of 0.1%, compared to the initial 0.2%. “The Government assumes a greater effort so that the autonomous communities have a greater margin”, assured Montero, who claimed that it is “the Executive that has given the most resources to the autonomous governments”.

The PP wants less deficit but more financing

The Ministers of the Treasury of the Community of Madrid and Andalusia, Javier Lasquetty and Carolina España, have assessed this Wednesday at the entrance of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council the relaxation of the deficit target to 0.3% in 2023 proposed by the Ministry of Treasury for the communities, seeing this margin as insufficient and demanding that the Government of Pedro Sánchez “start by reducing its level of indebtedness.”

“It seems to us that the less deficit, the better, but the one that has to start by reducing its level of indebtedness and making savings is the State, we have made a very prudent policy without going beyond those limits at all”, Lasquetty proclaimed when being asked about the 0.3% rate.

However, the Madrid councilor has reproached the Government that, from his point of view, the Treasury “has an excessive deficit”, recalling that it is the autonomous communities that are entrusted with a large part of the expenditure, such as health or education.

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