Saturday, April 1

The autopsy confirms that the body of Esther López showed signs of violence

The autopsy would have confirmed the violent death of Esther López de la Rosa, the 35-year-old woman whose body was found early on Saturday morning in Traspinedo, a town in Valladolid where she was a neighbor and where she disappeared on January 12. Although no further information has been provided regarding the specific causes of death, the first analyzes carried out on the victim’s body, which began this Sunday and have continued this Monday at the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Valladolid, would point to a violent death, according to newspaper information The North of Castile collected by Europa Press and that point to sources of the investigation.

The Civil Guard investigates a second person for the disappearance of the neighbor of Traspinedo (Valladolid)

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Already on the same day of the discovery, the Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, confirmed, on her personal Twitter account, the violent death of the Traspinedo neighbor, something that, however, would not have been revealed until this Monday after the autopsy is complete.

It is not ruled out that the body, located on the surface by a passer-by this Saturday morning in the surroundings of the town, on the La Carrascosa farm, near the Tuduero industrial estate, next to the N-122 road, half a kilometer from the restaurant ‘ La Maña’, would have been abandoned there that same night, especially when the enclave had been the starting point for the different massive raids carried out in recent weeks in the town.

Meanwhile, the Civil Guard continues with the investigations in order to identify and arrest the author or authors of the death of Esther López.

The neighbor of Traspinedo, who disappeared on January 12, had been wanted since her parents filed a complaint on the 17th, after she showed no signs of life after spending the night of her disappearance watching the match of the Super Cup between Barcelona and Real Madrid and then the party will continue with some friends at one of their houses and later in some wineries.

Three investigated

That was the version provided by the two people she was with that night before her trail was lost, two neighbors from Traspinedo, Óscar and Carlos, who traveled with her in the former’s car back home and who, According to some contradictions, he stopped in front of the La Maña restaurant.

In the story offered, Carlos got out of the vehicle to go home and then Óscar and Esther argued because she wanted to continue partying and he left her nearby, without the woman being heard from again in the last twenty-four days.

The investigations since then focused on both neighbors and also on a third person under investigation, Ramón G. (El Manitas), investigations in which the Civil Guard, in addition to tracking the municipality through raids in which hundreds of volunteers had participated, had taken samples from the home of the third party and from his and Óscar’s vehicles, without positive results, and had also focused his investigation on the telephone numbers of all of them and of the victim.

The only one of those investigated who had been deprived of liberty is Ramón G, whose detention had to be extended for another 72 hours, although finally the head of the Investigating Court number 5 released him provisionally due to the lack of evidence attesting to his involvement in the facts.

The town is already living this Monday the second of the three days of official mourning decreed on Sunday by the City Council in plenary session.

On the day of this Monday, one of those investigated, Ramón, has appeared at the Civil Guard Command, on Avenida de Soria in Valladolid, accompanied by his lawyer to pick up his vehicle, a dark BMW, after the The collection of samples and their analysis at the Criminalistics Laboratory of the Armed Institute did not give a positive result regarding the incrimination of ‘Handyman’ in Esther’s disappearance, according to legal sources.

On the other hand, last Saturday the Civil Guard returned to inspect the tourism of another of those investigated, Carlos, for a few hours after they requested the keys to it and the owner gave them to them without even consulting his lawyer.