Saturday, October 1

The Ayuso government admits that it was in the wrong court when appealing the distribution of European funds

The Government of the Community of Madrid, chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, appealed on December 17 what they considered an “arbitrary” distribution of European funds by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez. However, they did it at the wrong window: the document was presented at the National High Court when the competent body, as it was a Royal Decree, was the Supreme Court, El País has advanced this Wednesday and regional government sources have confirmed to .

“The Community of Madrid presented a contentious-administrative appeal on December 17 by Royal Decree 902/2021, in the National Court, considering that it was the competent judicial body,” they point out from the Ministry of Economy and Finance directed by Javier Fernandez-Lasquetty. “However, it is the Supreme Court that has jurisdiction in this type of appeal. For this reason, a letter was sent to the National High Court requesting the referral of the appeal to the Supreme Court, since the same appeal cannot be presented in two judicial bodies. different”, add these same sources.

In a press conference on January 12, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, explained that the appeal had been filed with the Supreme Court during the month of December, but he omitted the error for which it was made before the National Court. Sources in the area do not confirm if the error is already corrected. “The audience has been asked to refer it to the Supreme Court because since there is already an appeal filed, it cannot be presented in another judicial body,” they simply state.

Specifically, the Ayuso administration erroneously appealed a Royal Decree for the distribution of nine million euros of European funds that it understands were made with favor treatment to the Basque Country, Navarra, Extremadura and the Valencian Community, as detailed last Wednesday Fernandez-Lasquetty. For the counselor, the government’s decision was “arbitrary” and lacks technical criteria.