Saturday, September 25

The Ayuso Government blames Podemos y Más Madrid for hate speech and exonerates Vox

The Popular Party in Madrid on Wednesday used the homophobic aggression of last Sunday in Malasaña to blame the left for promoting “hate speech” and “pointing out” Madrid. Early in the morning, it was the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who reduced the aggression to a “campaign of the left.” But a few hours later, the Minister of Education and spokesman for the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ossorio, took another step and accused both Podemos and Más Madrid of promoting “hate speech” and the “confrontation of Spaniards in the Madrid Assembly. “, while exonerating Vox.

The regional councilor of the Government presided over by Isabel Díaz Ayuso has shown the “total rejection” of homophobic aggression, but has criticized that Más Madrid wants to leave Vox out of a meeting on hate crimes promoted by the training on this issue to which They have also invited Ayuso. Along the lines of Almeida, Ossorio has indicated that the regional Executive does not like that “what happened” is used as a weapon of political struggle “by some political groups that, he said, seek to” hide their mistakes. ”

“It does not say well of those political groups that to hide their problems, to hide their mistakes, use these cases, cases that we all truly regret deeply, we detest,” said Ossorio from the Royal Post Office. At this point, the counselor has accused Podemos and Más Madrid of being responsible for “hate speech, of confrontation of the Spanish” since they arrived at the institutions.

“This is the reality, therefore, that they do not say those things when I am aware and have been for many years that hate speech has been from Más Madrid and Podemos. I was in the Assembly before and when they arrived that speech increased I find that painful and regrettable, “he stressed. However, the regional councilor has maintained that he has not seen any hate speech in Vox, as he has seen “in the other two parties.”

Ossorio’s controversial words had been preceded by the mayor of Madrid in an interview on Telemadrid, where he accused the leftist formations of using the homophobic aggression of last Sunday in Malasaña to “dirty” the name of the capital.

“The left wants to dirty the name of Madrid for political purposes. When Samuel’s murder occurs, the demonstration is in Madrid against Isabel Díaz-Ayuso. When it occurs in Huelva, Rita Maestre blames the mayor of Madrid. It is constant the signal to Madrid. And nobody doubts the entity and seriousness of the facts “, has assured the councilor.

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