Friday, August 12

The Ayuso Government mixes personal and family income to justify its scholarships to those who earn more than 100,000 euros

Rent per person or per household. The vice president and spokesman for the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Enrique Ossorio, assured this Wednesday that the conflict over aid to high-income households responds to a “marketing” campaign by the left. “These scholarships can be received by families with an average income of 35,913 euros, which is the average income of the Community of Madrid”, he assured the press after the Governing Council.

Ayuso will finance the Baccalaureate and private FP even for families that earn more than 100,000 euros

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“They have put the figure of 100,000 euros for marketing, I imagine, to think that the recipients of these scholarships are rich,” said Ossorio, who has insisted that this is “totally false.” But those 100,000 euros come out of a simple calculation and are even rounded down. A family of two parents and one child who opts for a scholarship for early childhood education, baccalaureate or Vocational Training can enter up to 35,913 euros per person. Or what is the same: up to 107,739 euros in total, without differentiating whether it is done in the form of one, two or more salaries.

Those more than 100,000 euros are almost triple what a Madrid family earns on average. The average income per household is 37,687 euros, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics. Moreover, according to data from the Treasury, 70% of people who work in the Community of Madrid declared having earned less than 30,000 euros per year in 2019.

“The Government tries to say that they are the rich”, insisted Ossorio, who pointed out that “they are families that will have two salaries and depending on the number of children the amount is set, but that amount, we must not forget, is the rent average that we have in the Community of Madrid”. An average income for whose calculation the Executive has even added dependent children, even if they are not old enough to work or do not do so and that, again, multiplies the income based on the children. If a couple with one child can exceed 100,000 euros, another with two children has a ceiling of 143,652 and one with three, 179,565 euros.

That family to which Ossorio refers, with an average salary of 35,913 euros, already opted for aid for private early childhood education and vocational training centers last year and would have opted for the next one without expanding the income brackets. Then, it was already 25,000 and 20,000 euros per member, respectively, and 10,000 in the case of high school, a stage in which he would be left out.

Ossorio has justified, however, that expanding these sections was the only way to comply with his electoral program. “We had the increase in scholarships in the non-compulsory stages, fundamentally in the stages from 0 to 3 and Baccalaureate, which are highly demanded stages. The only way we can have more families is by raising income levels”, he has said.

The Madrid president has insisted in recent days on the idea that these ‘cienmileurista’ families are “middle class”. “Less and less middle class”, she assured her this Tuesday before affirming that she “is more impoverished and their needs are also passing”. “They have cheated with the numbers, they have rounded up big, to 100,000, when it is a salary of a socialist, not that of a middle class,” she said, in a statement in which she acknowledges the bulk of the figure. .

This weekend, Ayuso had already accused the left of “cheating”. “He says that it is 100,000 euros because, of course, they add up to two payrolls. Not everyone at home has two payrolls nor does it have two average payrolls”, assured the president. In any case, a house with those two average payrolls to which the Madrid Executive refers also has access to these aids that do not represent 100% of the cost of education in a private center, which, in practice, marginalizes families that with fewer resources they cannot afford their share of the copay.