Monday, September 26

The Ayuso Government says that Sánchez wants a “dull and sad” Madrid due to energy saving measures

The Minister of Economy, Finance and Employment of the Community of Madrid, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, assured this Saturday that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, wants a “dull and sad” Madrid and has called for “support and incentive” measures. against the “imposition”. In statements to journalists from Miraflores de la Sierra, the Madrid councilor has once again defended the measures that the Community of Madrid has been applying in public buildings, which he assures have given “very good results” in terms of reducing electricity consumption, reports Europe Press.

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“We believe that this is the way, to continue working with the different sectors (…) with support and incentive measures, but not making Madrid the only capital in Europe that is compulsorily turned off after 10 p.m. ”, has transferred.

Lasquetty has stressed that Spain “does not have a problem” with Russian gas and yes with Algerian gas “because of Pedro Sánchez” and his “wrong measures and decisions”. “The Community of Madrid is going to continue working to make the use of energy more efficient, but not through prohibition and imposition,” she added.

On the other hand, he has stated that he would like the Spanish socialists to learn from the Germans and realize that “the solution is to lower taxes”, as well as to contain public spending. “That is the way to reduce inflation and to do something positive for families”, he has defended.

“Let us remember that two months ago we were listening to Pedro Sánchez and Minister Teresa Ribera talk about the fact that, as soon as their measure to isolate Spanish gas was applied, that was going to be the solution to all problems. Well, two months have passed and, instead, we see the whole of Europe telling Spain that what suits us is to open up more”, he concluded.