Sunday, December 4

The Ayuso Government says that the deaths in the residences could not be avoided and that the families have already “overcome” them

The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ossorio, has accused Vox of claiming a commission on the residences for an “electoral interest”. The far-right party presented a proposal on Tuesday to address the “socio-health needs” in centers for the elderly and people with disabilities in the region. A petition that comes 14 months after the group led by Rocío Monasterio aligned itself with the Popular Party to prevent the investigation of the protocols that prevented the transfer of the elderly to hospitals.

‘They will die unworthily’: editorial preview of the book by Alberto Reyero, former Minister of Social Policies of the Community of Madrid

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“We think it doesn’t make sense because we send a false message to the relatives. It seems that we are saying that the deaths that occurred could have been avoided and that is not true”, stated the vice-president during the press conference after the Governing Council. “This happened the same all over the world, these deaths happened the same all over the world, with a high incidence in the elderly,” Ossorio justified.

“We have an obligation for the residences to guarantee that the elderly are cared for and calm,” said Monasterio on Tuesday. His group, however, abstained in the vote that asked to investigate, in July 2021, the death of more than 8,000 elderly in residences during the worst of the pandemic, after the Madrid Ministry of Health signed and disseminated protocols that prevented the transfer of these elderly and dependent people to hospitals.

“At that time it was a deadly viral load,” said Ossorio on Wednesday, who considered that “families have already overcome it,” for which he criticized “returning to this with an electoral interest.” Along the same lines, the vice president has insisted that “justice has filed all the cases.”

Just a few hours later, the More Madrid group has registered a request for disapproval of Vice President Ossorio for these words. “He has absolutely crossed all the red lines. The level of vileness and immorality of this Government has reached a ceiling and that they had the bar quite high”, criticized the spokeswoman, Mónica García, who has claimed that “if he does not resign, it is also Ayuso’s duty to dismiss him immediately, because this Sir, you cannot represent the people of Madrid who not only have not forgotten our elders, but also want to investigate what happened to the end”.

“Obviously, the death of a loved one is never overcome, but the unscrupulous lie of the left has been overcome, which stated that it could have been avoided,” Ossorio justified himself in networks. Hours before, he had assured that he was “surprised that at this point in the legislature Mónica García and Rocío Monasterio coincide.” More Madrid, the PSM and United We Can have since called for an investigation to clarify what happened in nursing homes during the worst of the pandemic, which could not be carried out because among the three groups they do not have a majority in the Regional Assembly and the extreme right has always aligned itself with the PP, either with its support or with its abstention, which in practice means that the positions of the popular always triumph.

“What Vox has done is join the strategy of the far-left,” the spokesman for the popular parliamentary group in the Assembly, Pedro Muñoz Abrines, made ugly. “Vox has fallen into that trap, into that joint strategy that the far-left had to promote the sale of a book,” he added. It refers to the publication of ‘They will die in an unworthy way’, by the former Minister of Social Policies of the Community of Madrid, Alberto Reyero, who left the Government of Ayuso after denouncing the situation of the residences during the first wave of the pandemic and described the protocols unethical and possibly illegal healthcare providers.

Vox’s request comes seven months before the elections and at a time when the PP has already said that it is preparing next year’s budgets. Some accounts for which you need the support of Vox, as was the case with the previous ones.