Monday, August 8

The Ayuso government, willing to make “very deep” changes in LGTBI laws to achieve the support of Vox for the Budgets

The Government of the Community of Madrid, chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, is willing to make “very profound” changes in LGTBI laws to achieve Vox’s support for the Budgets. Has said it in an interview in La Razón the Minister of Economy, Finance and Employment, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, who, asked about his negotiating margin regarding LGTBI rights with the far-right party in exchange for his support in the accounts, has expressed that for this formation to end with these laws “is a central issue, very important.” “We have told him that we are willing to talk about it.”

Lasquetty has insisted that this “is not the only point” of Vox to approve the accounts and has added that they need to know all the proposals. For the 2022 Budgets to go ahead, the regional Executive needs at least the abstention of the far-right party. Last Wednesday, the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid approved the draft of this law, which must now go through a two-month process in the Assembly until its vote in an extraordinary plenary session. The counselor stressed in the interview in La Razón that he “believes” that they will succeed and added that “they will make Madrid the most vibrant city in Europe, ‘the place to be.”

The spending planned by the accounts amounts to 23,000 million, the largest ever, partly due to European funds, which amount to about 2,000 million. In the absence of knowing all the details of the regional budgets, it stands out how the Health item is the one that grows the least of the most important: it gains 8.6%, with 693 million more. Education, however, is among those that increased the most, with an increase of 806.7 million, that is, 16.4%. For its part, social policies correspond to 353.3 million more than two years ago, a 19.2% difference.

This Thursday, this budget project will arrive at the regional Assembly. From that moment on, each council will have to explain its items in committee and the amendments to the whole will be debated in the first week of December. The partial, in which the Government wants to reach agreements with Vox, will be extended until the final vote at the end of December.