Monday, July 4

The Balearic Lawyer withdraws its charges against Cursach, his right hand and the former Director General of Tourism

The Lawyers of the Balearic Autonomous Community, in a new movement prior to the trial that will start next Monday against the leisure businessman Bartolomé Cursach, has withdrawn its accusations against the tycoon, his right-hand man, Bartolomé Sbert, the former General Director of Tourism of the Govern Pilar Carbonell and another official from the Autonomous Executive, Bernardí Seguí. These last two had initially been accused of favoring with their resolutions the smooth running of the Cursach Group’s businesses.

Neither orgies nor extortions: the Prosecutor’s Office lays down the most serious accusations against the king of the Mallorcan night

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By means of a letter to which has had access, the Legal Profession announces that its withdrawal of accusation is complete for the four defendants and requests that it be considered separate, at the appropriate procedural moment, from the judicial procedure.

With this decision, the legal services of the Balearic Islands follow in the footsteps of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which last week knocked down the most serious accusations that in recent years have been planned against the considered king of the Mallorcan night. Among them, due to “lack of credibility”, those related to the alleged orgies that, according to the initial investigations, were held in the Tito’s nightclub, Cursach’s flagship, to entertain numerous agents of the Palma Local Police in exchange for safeguard the smooth running of the businesses of the corporate group.

In the case of Carbonell, who prior to his position in the Government had performed functions in the Department of Tourism Promotion of the Calvià City Council, the Public Ministry accused her of maintaining direct contact with Sbert in order to benefit the business group headed by Cursach . In its initial brief, the Prosecutor’s Office argued that Carbonell, by occupying the position of general director – from which she was forced to resign after her indictment in the Cursach case – maintained this favorable treatment from the regional administration, making use of the cooperation of Segui. One of the actions they were accused of was sponsoring the regularization of the works of the Megapark nightclub.

The Prosecutor’s Office, however, has decided to withdraw its accusations of prevarication against both officials by determining the absence of any administrative resolution issued by them with the aim of favoring Cursach.

Last week, the Public Ministry drastically lowered its requests for a sentence against Cursach and his former number two: of the eight and a half years in prison that he has claimed so far for the first, he is now requesting a year and a half for belonging to a criminal organization and prevarication, leaving out the illicit acts of bribery and coercion. In the case of Sbert, he reduces his request from the initial eight and a half years to the current three and a half years -in his case he does maintain the alleged coercion-.

The sentence modifications also affect several of the local police officers who will sit on the bench for allegedly harassing numerous nightclubs through continuous and arbitrary inspections.

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