Saturday, September 25

The Basque Government will conclude the stabilization work at the Zaldibar landfill on August 31

The Basque Government announced this Friday that on August 31st it will conclude the stabilization and adaptation works of the Zaldibar (Bizkaia) landfill. The Executive has emphasized that, in the 18 months that have elapsed since it collapsed and claimed the lives of two workers, it has worked “steadily and uninterruptedly.” The remains of Alberto Sololuze, one of the victims, appeared in August of last year, while the Basque Government communicated on May 14 of this to the family of the other, Joaquín Beltrán, that the search would end without finding him. Since then, stabilization work has been carried out in an area where up to 2.5 million tonnes of waste were released.

Joaquín Beltrán, the voice that warned of the collapse of the Zaldibar landfill, will be trapped forever under the avalanche

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The Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, led by the minister Arantxa Tapia, has indicated in a press release published this Friday that from May until now, up to 132,000 cubic meters of material have been used for the stabilization of the landfill. The area has seen the traffic of up to one hundred and a half trucks a day. “Works have been carried out to avoid environmental damage to the waters, by installing a temporary seal with clay material on the spill basin, and both interior and exterior drains have been installed,” the statement explained.

Works have also been carried out with the aim of minimizing the effect on the waters of the area. Once these works have been completed and after making sure that after the works the structure is “stable” and “without movement”, the Basque Government has proposed to close down the landfill completely. “In the future, no reception of waste at the landfill is authorized, which will be limited to post-closure work,” he explained.