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The Batman will have a second spin off based on the Penguin | Digital Trends Spanish

The next tape of The batman It has not yet been released but Warner is already planning new productions associated with that universe. And one of them could be a spin off focused on the Penguin.

As reported by the site Variety, the project is already underway and it would be a series for HBO Max. This series could show the events that turned the Penguin into one of the most powerful criminals in Gotham City, although for now there are still details in the air that will remain that way until some of those signatures are finalized.

These signatures have to do mainly with the protagonist. Actor Colin Farrell will play the role of Penguin in the upcoming The Batman, and Warner’s idea seems to be for Farrell himself to reprise the role in the series.

Warner Bros.

The report also indicates that Lauren LeFranc would already be confirmed to write the script for the series. LeFranc’s previous work includes Agents of SHIELD, Chuck and Hemlock Grove. On the other hand, the director of The Batman, Matt Reeves, would be the executive producer of the series with Dylan Clark, who is also an executive producer of the future film.

East spin off from The batman it would be the second that Warner plans. The first is one that details were known a while ago, which will revolve around the Gotham City police department and which will expand the events of the film. Matt Reeves will also be involved in the production, while the script will be in charge of Terence Winter.

But all that will happen after the premiere of The Batman, which is expected next March 2022 and on which there are high expectations; without going any further, he is one of the greatest characters not only of DC, but of the comics usually.

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