Thursday, October 6

The before and after of the house on La Palma that now has a volcano in the garden

The house of Amanda Melián, located in Las Manchas, has become a real focus of attention these days: last Thursday a monstrous eruptive mouth opened in her garden. Before this happened, his home had attracted the attention of the prestigious photographer Emilio Morenatti, from The Associated Press, which made a screenshot of the house practically covered in volcanic ash. Now, Morenatti has returned to photograph the state of the property, which has a large hole in front that emitted lava for hours and, in addition, a large crack in what still remains of the facade.

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Amanda, as she has revealed to this newspaper, found out what happened through a message from her cousin. “Now we have a jacuzzi,” he ironizes. “My oldest son, three years old, tells me every day: Mom, let’s go home. And I already told him yesterday that it can’t be done, that the volcano ate him up. And yet he keeps telling me: let’s go.”

“I found out the day after through a message from my cousin. She sent me ‘the’ photo and asked me: Is this your house? And I: well yes. The sad thing is that you find out 24 hours later. Not me They told me nothing, “says Amanda, who was fixing papers when she discovered the news. “I was with my partner and I told him: look at this photo. Later … He is true that he can hold out longer than me. I collapsed a bit, but I try not to think.”

“After seeing the photo, there is no more. For me before talking about the subject it was a tension … It makes me sad and sad because it is my house and it is my things, but it is that I was there every day: is it going to touch me? Won’t you touch me? “, Amanda adds, this time from the Triana mountain.