Saturday, October 1

The Bejís fire affects a perimeter of 120 kilometers and threatens the Sierra Calderona natural park

The Bejís fire already affects a perimeter of 120 kilometers and threatens the Sierra Calderona natural park due to the changing winds that have revived the fire and expanded it on its southern flank throughout the day. The evacuated neighbors continue without being able to return to their homes.

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This has been indicated by the Minister of the Interior, Gabriela Bravo, who has appeared after the Cecopi meeting. She has highlighted the presence of “aggressive fronts” in areas that were not so affected by last night’s rains, which has favored expansion during the day. On this side, close to the natural park, the endowments are concentrated right now.

The Minister has indicated that the fire is not perimeter and that it has been impossible to calculate the hectares that have burned. She has indicated that the fire has finally reached the Cueva Santa monastery, although it is not known to what extent it has affected it.

And it is that the winds, which are still expected tonight, have rekindled the flames on the southern flank of the fire: “It is a very complex fire due to the potential and orographic difficulties” of the terrain, he added.

“Very aggressive”

Faced with this situation, Bravo has indicated that tomorrow morning more aerial means will be incorporated into the extinction work, but that the terrestrial ones will continue working during the night. The fire continues “very aggressive”, but it is expected that the humidity of the night and the predictable drop in the thermometer will help reduce the intensity.

Bravo has called for “prudence” and has highlighted the work of the firefighters who are “risking their lives” in this fire. “The entire southeastern front continues to evolve strongly despite air efforts”, he remarked and underlined the “great complexity”.

Regarding the evacuations, there has been no news: the confinements of Alcublas and Andilla continue and the impossibility of accessing Bejís, Sacañet, Teresa, Torás. The villages of Artaj, la Pobleta and Oset, in Andilla, are also evicted.

Vall d’Ebo

Regarding the Vall d’Ebo fire, Bravo has pointed out that it has not yet been considered stabilized because there have been some outbreaks and some “reproductions” during the day. However, “it evolves more favourably” than that of Bejís.

However, he has indicated that he hopes that it can be considered stabilized tomorrow, and that troops can be transferred from the area to the fire that threatens the Calderona.