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The best 4 cordless vacuum cleaners for less than 300 euros

We have repeatedly heard of cordless broom vacuums as a modern household solution for people who have neither the time to clean their house nor the budget to hire someone else.

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Without a doubt, they are a great solution because they allow you to vacuum tables, floors and difficult corners in just a few minutes, also prolonging their autonomy for almost an hour in the best cases.

This fact has generated a great demand in homes with little time for cleaning, and which also have not excessively large surfaces. So they are easy to clean by one person in a relatively short time.

In ConsumptionClaro we already explained to you in the past the keys to choosing a cordless broom vacuum cleaner, and we even carried out a test of three high-end models. But in both cases we highlight that the main problem with many of these models is their high price, which makes them prohibitive for many homes.

Now that technology is advancing in this field while demand increases, the supply has diversified and its prices lowered, and as a result there are already models at affordable prices and with good autonomy that are worth it. Here are four.

1. Bosch Athlet ProHygienic Series

It is a cordless broom vacuum cleaner with up to 60 minutes of autonomy in medium power mode. It features a motorized brush on the arm that increases its efficiency and allows you to vacuum rugs and sofas, removing pet hair.

It also has washable filters and dispenses with a bag, which makes it easy to wash. As a limitation, it does not have a hand-held vacuum cleaner mode, so it only works for low surfaces. However, its design allows it to reach the most remote corners. Also its weight, 4 kg, although its ergonomics again allows you to drive it around the house without noticing its weight.

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2. Rowenta X-Pert 3.60 Flex RH6971

It is a cordless broom vacuum cleaner that has an autonomy of 45 minutes thanks to its lithium battery. In addition, its flexible and articulated tube allows it to reach difficult corners, as well as makes it easy to access from floor to ceiling.

It also has a handheld vacuum mode, which facilitates cleaning of high surfaces and kitchen. Once consumed, the battery recharges in four hours.

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3. JASHEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner V16

It is a high-power vacuum cleaner, but with an autonomy limited to 15 minutes at maximum power. In any case, it includes a rechargeable lithium battery with seven cells that allows you to quickly replenish the autonomy with a replacement.

Its weight does not reach three kilos, or which is a great advantage when it comes to handling it. It also stands out for having a handheld vacuum cleaner mode.

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4. Hoover H-FREE 100 HF122RH

It is a cyclonic vacuum cleaner for all types of surfaces and homes, even large ones: the manufacturer ensures that it works on hard floors, parquet, carpets, rugs and furniture, etc.

On the other hand, the battery is removable lithium, with 40 minutes of autonomy. It can be recharged on the product or directly in the socket independently. It also has a handheld vacuum mode.

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