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The best Amazon alarm clock radios to wake up every morning

There is something that the whole of Humanity shares: waking up every morning. Whether it is done earlier or later, getting up after a good sleep session is always difficult for us. Therefore, the clock radios They can be a great help to prevent the sheets from sticking to us and start the day in the best possible way.

Many of us surely use our mobile as an alarm clock and, although it is not an inconvenience, it may not be the best alternative. First of all, because we tend to leave it on and this always means a risk at bedtime, since we may be woken up by untimely calls.

Also because looking at our device tends to be the first thing we do in the morning. To avoid this and try to disconnect from networks for at least the beginning of the day, clock radios are a good alternative.

Nowadays, these devices can be configured to set different alarms and not only that, but the way they wake us up can be customized. Whether with a radio station, white noise, alarm tones, etc. In ConsumptionClaro, we recommend some affordable and interesting models.

Radio-Alarm Reacher

This clock radio is everything you’d expect and a little more: a 1.2-inch white LED time display with 6 brightness levels. At the same time, it has an FM antenna that can be configured to turn it off or on when we need it, in addition to having a selection of preferred radios.

Another great attraction that this radio alarm clock has is that it has a wireless charger at the top, so, if our mobile allows it, we can place it on top and charge it overnight. Although it also has a USB port to charge it through a cable.

Radio-Alarm Reacher for €35.99


If we are looking for a clock radio that has a good screen and a more elegant and original design, then the Sony model can be a great option. It is a device with a power of up to 100mW and that adjusts to the time change automatically.

The screen, for its part, is an LED panel in which the time is indicated and the brightness can be adjusted. It can also be configured so that the alarm is either a vibrating tone, or the radio that we prefer directly turns on. In addition, it has a projector to see the time on the ceiling.

Sony ICF-C1PJ for €56.99

Liorque Projector Clock Radio

If we like the idea of ​​a radio alarm clock that projects the time on the ceiling, but that doesn’t cost as much as Sony’s, this Liorque model could be a good option. Although the alarm clock is not configurable (only the alarm tone can sound), it does have a timer and the option to delay it “9 more minutes”.

Another striking feature is that the panel is VA, not LED or LCD, so it has a greater viewing angle, plus you can change the color of the interface between white and blue. The radio, meanwhile, can be programmed to turn off.

Liorque radio alarm clock with projector for €29.99

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