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The best (and worst) wrestling video games | Digital Trends Spanish

This first weekend of April, wrestling fans are celebrating, since the version 38 of WrestleManiathe most important event of this type of sports entertainment, which is similar to the Super Bowl of American football.

Given this, the followers of this activity prepare to see their favorite fighters, and one of the ways to do so is through video games, which have offered true classics that have remained in the memory and others that, although they have generated the same effect, unfortunately it has not been precisely for its quality.

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For this reason, we review those titles that marked generations and that to this day some yearn to see a production that is close to those times of triumph; while others are better left buried as various fighters who went unnoticed by wrestling companies.

WWF No Mercy (N64)

Surely, the quintessential video game of this activity (along with another of PSX that we will review later), a title achieved thanks to its gameplay close to simulation, in addition to having an extensive roster of fighters and that today has a community of modders that continue to launch packages with more current superstars.

Launched at the height of the WWF in 2000, the Nintendo 64 exclusive distributed by THQ takes the basis of other classics such as WCW vs NWO Revenge or WrestleMania 2000, in order to deliver a round product, where long fights with friends were To the order of the day.

To its playability, a couple of modes are added where we can unlock different fighters: Championship (in which we will choose the title that we want to achieve or defend) and Survival. In addition, we have a store where we also have the possibility to buy superstars, as well as outfits, movements and arenas, among other aspects.

WWE 2K20 (PS4 – PC – Xbox One)

It is curious that, in contrast to the previously mentioned title, which came onto the market more than 20 years ago, this title meant that 2K took its time to develop a product up to par, not only with what WWE is in the industry of wrestling, but also as a video game itself.

A festival of bugs, models of outdated fighters and graphics that make us forget that we are facing a video game from the eighth generation of video games. Little can be highlighted WWE 2K20which is basically a broken video game thanks to its glitches, which can be seen in a bunch of videos hosted on YouTube.

A total failure for a game that was called to be the “farewell” title for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles; even reaching wobble the license agreement between the wrestling company and 2K, owned by Take Two.

WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role (PSX)

Just like it happened with WWF No Mercy on N64, this opus won the hearts of fans back in the early 2000s as well, but this time more for arcade-like gameplay, albeit with a lot of stipulations on its fights and a lengthy career mode.

It is precisely this option that will allow us, in addition to unlocking several fighters, to spend the most time enjoying the PlayStation title, since it has fun stories and portrays various historical passages of what happened in the WWF programs at that time. time, like when for example Stone Cold destroyed the Degeneration-X bus.

To the above, other details are added that make unforgettable Know Your Rolelike those entries with the background of the video of the wrestlers’ titantrons, which although they may seem outdated today, still have a certain charm, given that in those years CD technology allowed multimedia content that Sony exploited with its PlayStation, unlike its competition at Nintendo with the N64.

WWE 2K18 (Nintendo Switch)

2K’s step with the WWE franchise has been painful, since what promised to be an enjoyable title on the big N’s laptop also ended up being a product with little dedication and a series of problems, mainly in framerate .

Despite taking various aspects from the PS4, PC, and Xbox One versions, the Switch version of WWE 2K18 It also had a poor presentation, which is noticeable in the graphic details and in the series of bugs that are observed when having a fight.

To make matters worse, the title had a delay that attracted attention at the time, but that was later understood, given the poor video game that it ended up being and that even made the franchise have a debut and farewell on the latest Nintendo console, already that there were no more editions of the saga on the platform.

WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain (PS2)

Called by many as the successor of WWF No Mercy, HCTP returns to offer a gameplay closer to the simulation, in addition to polishing aspects that give depth to the game system for wrestling fans.

Launched in the middle of the Ruthless Agression era, we once again have an extensive roster of fighters such as Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Stone Cold and The Undertaker; as well as with the debut of figures that would become icons over time such as John Cena, Randy Orton or Batista.

To the above, an extensive number of types of combat is added, where the spectacular Elimination Chamber makes its debut in video games, for example, as well as other less popular stipulations.

In addition, HCTP adds a season mode, in which we will earn money and can buy superstars, outfits, arenas, among other things.

A round game that also has a community behind it that currently continues to update the roster with current figures, given that it has a gameplay that has been difficult to replicate, since although it takes the entire base of the simulation, it does not forget the more arcade fun details.

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