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The best apps to edit photos on your phone | Digital Trends Spanish

If you have in your hands a cell phone that takes incredible photos; why not finish working on them right there? take advantage of one of the best best photo editing apps and don’t wait until you get home to do it on the computer.

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The best apps to edit photos

Adobe Lightroom (free/premium subscription $10 per month)

Adobe Lightroom offers two options: Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. Classic has become the standard for photo editing and handling among professionals, but with the newer version’s simpler interface and wonderful cloud sync capabilities, you don’t need to be a pro to do great things.

Available for Android and iOS, Adobe Lightroom CC is a full-featured photo manager and editor that includes support for RAW, exposure adjustments, watermarks, and much more. You can download and edit photos for free, but if you want to sync your images across all your devices and use the premium features, you will have to pay for the plan Photography Creative Cloudwhich costs $10 a month and also gives you access to Photoshop and Lightroom Classic on desktop versions.

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Photoshop Express (free)

Speaking of tools for professionals, there is probably none that makes us think of photo editing more than Adobe Photoshop. Some time ago Adobe released an Express version, which despite not being as powerful as the desktop version, allows you to crop photos, adjust exposure and more. It also has a tool to “heal” (for example, to remove some acne from a photo), blur and more.

There’s already a full version of Photoshop for the iPad, but it’s designed only for Apple tablets, not the iPhone or Android devices. The Photoshop Express Premium plan costs $5 per month.

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snapseed (free)

Snapseed is a professional-grade photo editing app designed by Google. It has a large number of editing options to help make the most common photos special. Snapseed gives you control over your images by including a series of sliders capable of altering the blur, temperature and other attributes of the photo, such as grainy overlays, 60s-style film reel effects or its exclusive filter Retrolux.

Most interesting of all, you can stack effects on photos, similar to “Layers in Photoshop”, making it easy to produce a new result every time you edit one.

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VSCO (free/optional purchases)

VSCO is a photo editing application, which seeks to make the photos on your smartphone look like they are taken from a movie. In addition to a set of included filters, it also allows you to purchase packs of presets, each of which has its own aesthetic for certain types of images.

In addition, This app features a built-in community that includes both professional and amateur artists and photographers who share their naturalistic photos with each other. With pro-grade tools and advanced camera controls, VSCO is a great app for newbies and professionals alike.

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Afterlight (free/optional purchases)


Its developers call it “the most powerful and comprehensive photo editing experience on mobile devices.” And although it may sound somewhat “pretentious”, it is not so far from the truth. Afterlight has all the basic photo editing tools you’ll ever need, as well as built-in filters, frames, and RAW support for both Android and iOS. Like other apps, you can also create your own filters, to give your photos a distinctive look time and time again.

But best of all, you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy this application. However, if you want to unlock all of its features, it costs $3 per month, $18 for a year, or a one-time payment of $36.

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Lens Distortions (free/optional subscription)


Known for their awesome plugins and apps for desktop devices, Lens Distortions have also created a mobile app for both Android and iOS, a bit different, but with a lot of quality.

Whether it’s a color filter, or you’re looking for an overlay effect like a light leak or flare, Lens Distortions has a host of realistic effects you can add to your photos.

This app is free to download on Android and iOS and includes five free filters in each section with the free version. If you want access to all 250 premium filters, you’ll need to subscribe.

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PicsArt (free, with in-app purchases)

If you prefer to remix photos rather than create simple retouches and filters, PicsArt may be more your style. Think of PicsArt as a mix between Photoshop and Paint. You can edit your photos, but you can also use a wide variety of brush tools: you can add a little glitter, decorate with text, adjust a color, or create any remix you can dream of. With PicsArt, you can also cut an object from one photo and overlay it on another. While PicsArt’s standout feature is remixing (and the community for remixing inspiration), you may not even need a separate app with clone and crop tools.

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Hypocam (free, with in-app purchases)

Mastering black and white photography means learning to see the world in black and white, but with Hypocam, you don’t have to. The dedicated monochrome app converts the live view to black and white, so you can see what the B/W photo will look like before you take it. In addition to the built-in camera, the app contains a host of different tools designed specifically for black and white photo editing, including textures. The app also includes a social media style news feed to find more inspiration.

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