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The best Asturian restaurants to enjoy their cuisine in Spain

The asturian cuisine It is, for many, one of the best in the state and some of those sources who love the Asturian gastronomic tradition have revealed to us a few restaurants in various Spanish cities where cachopos or fabada (among many other dishes) are the order of the day. day.

Quality and good price united in recipes from the old generations to give a joy to your palate in celebrations, holidays or, simply, when you want to treat yourself to a good delicacy. Of course, it is always good to complete the meal with rice pudding or cider, but do not forget that Asturian gastronomy has many more secrets in its kitchens.

here we bring you our recommendationsbut if you know others, leave them in comments.

In Madrid

A benchmark of Asturian cuisine in the heart of Madrid, Hydrangea House It is led by the chef Adela Besteiro, queen of the fabada, of the Roman-style hake delicacies and the Asturian omelette.

Among the streets of Moraleja you will find Bear, unique for the variety of its rooms and the gourmet quality of its products. Their specialties: cod fritters with cane syrup or black-bellied Pixin.

The Luarques Y The Asturian They have tried to maintain the essence of their beginnings adding the modernity of their new additions. Cachopos, beans, verdinas, rice dishes and starters -among others- are added to desserts such as tocino de cielo and ciders such as Alicia de Trabanco.

neru In 2015, it won the award for the best bean stew in Spain, but it has been a representative Asturian “winch” since 1974. Pot, tripe or fabada to eat, but if you prefer a day at the bar, with each cane or culín of cider they will serve you a good tapa: tortilla, chorizo, Cabrales cheese, etc.

In Barcelona

callin El Born, is the fusion of Asturian and Catalan cuisine: anchovies, cheeses from both regions, pork cheeks with sweet potato and carrot fritters with Ras el hanout or a stew in homage to the Asturian restaurant El Llar de Viri.

Quality raw material with an Asturian seal, good know-how in the kitchen and recipes from the old guisanderas: these are the keys to El Furacu Cider Housewho have embodied Asturian gastronomy in delicacies such as scallops with Cabrales or beans with tail.

K-poplar This year it has won the prize for the best cachopo in Catalonia and, although it has other Asturian dishes, the varieties of the one that embodies its name are endless: joe burger, “long live the cheese”, cecina and Cabrales and a long etcetera.

In Andalucia

In Malaga, The Higueron It is the perfect place to have a banquet based on beans, cheeses and Asturian sirloin, and then close the night with its original cocktails.

Asturian Corner Restaurantin Benalmádena, offers as an originality a chef’s salad with native products and the most outstanding cheeses of its community: Cabrales, Peral and Peralzola.

Seville welcomes The Seal of Trianaa restaurant for the natives of Asturias to be transported to their land and those who are not to enjoy the taste of the scorpionfish cake or the Cabrales croquettes with walnut powder.

In Zaragoza

Constancy is the basis of The Asturian Portalwhere it has been eaten just as well since 1976, claiming a simple authentic meal headed by rice pudding, anchovies from Lastres or pate of Asturian black pudding with caramelized onions.

Most of the clients of Yummy they frequent it for its nine types of cachopo, among which the special one of the Cachopo Fest Zaragoza with cecina, spiced meat and cheese sauce.

Valhalla or Mafia de Arena are some of the names that the restaurant AlCachopo has awarded its 12 specialties. Just as original is the enclosure, inspired by entering an antique shop that becomes a prison when you go inside.

In Valencia

In The Taska Cider House you will be tempted by the Creole Galician beef empanada or the Asturian cod in cider. If you are faithful to the cachopo (accompanied by a good “Cortina” natural cider), the one with Guijuelo Iberian ham and Gamoneu cheese was a finalist for the best in Spain in 2018.

El Molinón Cider House It is an Asturian corner at a good price in the heart of Valencia where you can escape paella for a day. Menu of the day or à la carte, the good value for money can be seen in portions such as the one with Cabrales potatoes for 5.60 euros.

In Galicia

Hidden in the center of Vigo is As Cangasa still life cider house that combines Asturian and Galician cuisine and where the staff (and the steaks) will make you feel at home.

Also in Vigo, you can eat homemade potatoes or choose half a cachopo of each to share in The Asturianbut if you want fabada be attentive to the daily menu.

in Pontevedra, Xunca Blanca offers a three-for-one: accommodation, takeaway food and a restaurant where you can eat Galician-style monkfish, Asturian stew or its well-known “verse” desserts.

O’tumbin Ponte Dos Santos Restaurant serves traditional Asturian dishes in Lugo for 18 euros per menu if you get away for a weekend. To choose à la carte, a success is the braised veal with potatoes and garnish, the hake in cider or the fig ice cream with homemade walnut cream.

in Cantabria

To take away, take there or catering service, in the El Pegollu Cider House (Santander), the cachopos are so big that you can share them between three while you serve yourself the cider with a pourer.

In Unquera, 400 meters from Asturias, is the Asturian Restaurantspecialized in seafood and rice with lobster but faithful to Asturian food in its menu.

In La Xiriga Cider House You have meats and cachopos of all kinds, but also tortos, a typical Asturian recipe made with corn flour and seasoned with mincemeat or pantrucu, among other ingredients.

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