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The best ceiling fans for telecommuting in summer

Heat is one of the biggest handicaps when it comes to teleworking. It can cause us dizziness, discomfort or, simply, it can make us even more uncomfortable working from our office. Something that, if we don’t have air conditioning, gets heavier with each passing summer day. A solution, in addition to the typical pedestal fans, are ceiling fans.

These are installed on the ceiling of our office and allow to distribute the air in the room, in addition to providing light if we need it. This type of fan can be a cheaper and more ecological alternative to installing an air conditioner, although, on the other hand, they do not emit cold air and, depending on the model, the light may be insufficient.

In ConsumptionClaro, we recommend some models that can be a good solution and much cheaper than air conditioning.

Westinghouse Lighting Vegas

A really cheap ceiling fan that has more than 2,400 positive reviews is the best option if we are looking to adjust the budget a lot. It is a model with four reversible blades and an LED bulb in the center; It also has two modes: a summer mode to distribute cold air and a winter mode to concentrate hot air.

Westinghouse Lighting Vegas FOR €67.99

LEDUNI ceiling fan

Most ceiling fans may seem very similar to each other, so this LEDUNI model may be the ideal solution for those looking for a more aesthetic fan.

This ceiling fan does not have the typical blades, but looks more like a “normal fan” standing. It has a size of 50 centimeters and a thickness of 24 centimeters, with a power of 36W (up to 20 square meters) and a ring-shaped LED lamp, so it is really bright.

LEDUNI ceiling fan for €99.99


A classic ceiling fan that will meet all our claims. This CREATE model has a 153-millimeter DC motor with 6 speeds that range between 100 and 223 revolutions per minute. In addition, it can be programmed both with a remote control and through the mobile phone so that it turns off after several hours.

It also has an LED light that allows you to regulate the temperature on three levels: warm, cold and neutral.

CREATE fan for €169.95

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