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The best controls to play from the mobile this 2022

In 2021, mobile phones have overtaken both PCs and consoles as the preferred gaming device. 53% of the market share belongs to mobile phones, regardless of whether they are Android or iPhone, and more than 90,000 million dollars in revenue last year.

Therefore, many of us are likely to be iron players on public transport or in waiting times where we can have a good time… but with some discomfort. Although video games developed for mobiles usually manage to design interfaces that are as comfortable as possible, it is true that touch screens can become a bit complicated for many.

Our fingers and hands take up part of the screen and we lose vision, bumps or potholes that make us “fail” some movements or even sweat that can directly cause us to lose control. For the most “pros”, there is a solution: mobile controls.

Since the mobile video game industry has the largest market share, controls have begun to appear -similar to those of consoles- adapted to play with our devices.

These can be either classic controls or a kind of “clamp” that is attached to the sides of the mobile. In ConsumptionClaro, we recommend the best controls to play from the mobile this 2022.

Razer Kishi

Razer is one of the brands of gaming most recognized and that offer a catalog of high quality products… even in mobile controls. Kishi is a controller -available for Android or iPhone- that stretches to the sides of the device, maintaining the natural way of playing with it.

This command, as one of the great attractions, is that it does not connect via Bluetooth, but rather connects via USB-C on Android and Lightning port on iOs. In this way, latency is lost and it offers a much faster response. In addition, this allows the mobile to charge while using the command.


PowerA, in collaboration with Xbox (Microsoft), offers one of the most popular mobile game controllers on the market: the MOGA XP5-X. A controller similar to that of an Xbox and with a classic design -black with green- that may be a better option for those who are used to playing on a console.

This model can connect to both our Android mobile and our computer, making it much more versatile. Also, not only can it be used using a USB-C cable, but it can also be done via Bluetooth. And, like the previous one, it has an internal battery that keeps our mobile charged.

PowerA MOGA XP5-X for €74.99

Link-e universal mount

However, the previous models can be somewhat expensive for those who are looking for a simple and cheap solution to play or, directly, do not want to buy a controller because they have another -console or computer- at home that can be used with some mobiles. For that there are control supports like this Link-e model.

This is a “universal support” that can be adjusted to most mobiles and that, in its lower part, has a clip system to adjust with a PS4 or PS5 controller.

Link-e universal mount for €9.99

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