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The best electric radiators on sale this Black Friday to combat the cold wave

In the heat of the cold wave on the Castilian plateau, this Black Friday comes like May water for our pockets. to the offers of heaters for the bathroom, as well as the offers of low consumption electric heaters, join the This Black Friday offers of electric radiators. Here are some of the most interesting ones.

De’Longhi TRRS 1225C

Oil radiator with adjustable thermostat and sucedas that facilitate its mobility. It is a powerful and stable system when it reaches the desired temperature.

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday

Mellerware – Low Consumption Thermal Emitter Comfy!

It is a low consumption heat emitter, programmable at three levels, with medium power and capable of covering surfaces up to 20m2. But. Its main feature is that it has Wi-Fi capability to receive orders from Alexa and Google Home, as well as being controlled by a mobile application, so that it can be programmed remotely.

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday


Elegant and programmable black heat diffusion electric radiator with a mobile application that allows you to turn it on from a distance, as well as to decide the optimal temperature.

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday

Cecotec Low Consumption Electric Radiator Ready Warm 1800

Multicolor radiator measuring 69 x 5 x 58 centimeters and weighing approximately 6 kg. Capable. a room of up to 15 m2.

🤑 This model is on a super sale for Black Friday

Aigostar Tummie 33JIE

Black oil radiator that heats by convection. It measures 28 x 53 x 64 centimeters and weighs 11 kg. Its best assets are its power and its price, since it has 2,300 W

It is capable of heating a room unleashed 24 m2.

🤑 This model is on a super sale for Black Friday

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