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The best English tools for “how to pronounce” | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the most effective ways to improve your English language is to imitate the pronunciation of native speakers. And if you are wondering where to find different tools of “how to pronounce”We have some clues for you.

At the moment, this list brings together platforms that show you how to pronounce anything from one word to more elaborate phrases in Shakespeare’s language. The best? They are all free.

You will be interested:

Best “how to pronounce” tools

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English pronunciation concerns can go beyond one word. Sometimes you’ll also want to know how to say a name or a phrase. This is why YouGlish is so useful.

The only thing you have to do on this website is to enter what causes you doubt in its search engine and then obtain different YouTube videos in which that is pronounced. “[YouGlish] gives you fast, unbiased answers about how real people speak languages, in context rather than what is prescriptively correct.

If you are interested in a specific accent of English, you can indicate it before carrying out your search in this free service.


English dictionaries

Most of the most recognized online English dictionaries, in addition to having their guide from the International Phonetic Association (IPA) in order to know how to pronounce a certain word, have a recording in which you can listen to the term that generates doubts. .

Some dictionary recommendations (with this function) that you cannot miss are:


It defines itself as an online dictionary of pronunciations. “We want to collect all the English words that are pronounced, including names. It is currently the site with the most pronunciations in the world. We also collect phrases in each of the available languages”, it is explained on the platform.

Thus, when searching for a word in English, different pronunciations of users with an American or British accent are displayed, mainly, in addition to related phrases and synonyms.



This “online audio dictionary of pronunciation, definition and translation in English” has a somewhat different operation compared to other similar proposals. Searching for a word not only returns its pronunciation, but also that of other related terms for clarity.

It is possible to consult the pronunciation, definition and translation of a word like “water”, and of constructions such as “water bottle”, “water buffalo”, “water down”, “water supply”, “water-closet” and “water-closet”. ski”, for example.



Google is a tool that can serve as a starting point. In the search bar you should only put the words “how to pronounce” followed by the term you are interested in. A box will be displayed in which you can check the American or English pronunciation, and the movements you should make with your mouth to get the best enunciation.

Of course, in the search results that are displayed afterwards, Google shows relevant materials to have more tools on how to pronounce the term you are interested in, including different YouTube videos.

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