Monday, September 25

The best fantasy, horror and science fiction of 2022: all the Minotaur news for the year (Paper Labyrinth 3×01)

The third season of ‘Paper Labyrinth’ begins, the fantastic literature podcast that we do at Xataka in collaboration with the Minotauro publishing house, and we kick off precisely with a review of what is to come in the coming months. The publisher tells us first-hand what is new in the field of our genres, and what surprises are in store in its editorial plan.

For this we have the help of Vicky Hidalgo, editor of Minotauro, who brings us first-hand information about the veteran publisher. It has been in operation since 1955, and although its traditional publications have revolved around totemic authors such as Tolkien, its catalog of classic fantasy horror and science-fiction writers is impressive, and they want to continue recovering it while launching other no less interesting novelties.

With Vicky Hidalgo we talked about the importance of the Minotauro Award and its search for Spanish talent, and how the idea of ​​starting Minotaur Labyrinth, a collection where Spanish-speaking authors will be published, such as the Chilean Francisco Solar, Elia Barceló, Héctor García or the finalist for the Minotauro Award Bruno Puelles. We have also talked about the recovery of classic authors in different formats, aimed at more or less completist readers.

And of course we have also talked about franchises: ‘Warhammer’ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ and the importance of unifying the catalog of a publisher that many callous readers will remember, such as Timun Mas. Finally, of course, we have entered Tolkien, in the importance of the author of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ for the publisher and how to continue publishing material related to an author who has spent decades without producing anything new.

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