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The best Fitbit monitors and watches you can buy | Digital Trends Spanish

The company owned by Google already has a wide portfolio of equipment, which can please different user profiles. That is why it is worth recommending some of the best Fitbit monitors and watches today.

At the moment, this list ranges from what can be considered the best product of the firm, Fitbit Sense, to the practical Charge 5 monitor.

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Best Fitbit Trackers and Watches

Best of all: Fitbit Sense

Why consider it? It is the most advanced smart watch of the brand, so it becomes the most viable option to know all the advances of the company in the segment of wearables.

For whom it is? For those considering a smart watch simple, but at the same time allows them to keep an accurate and complete record of their physical activity, from treadmill running to swimming.

Even with its daily recovery level function, it is possible to know if you are in the best condition at a certain moment for physical activity.

Other relevant functions are more than six days of autonomy, compatibility with the Google Assistant or Alexa, personalized covers, EDA sensor to know how the body is responding to stress (it detects the user’s electrodermal activity, the changes that occur in sweat level on the skin), high/low heart rate notifications, health metrics dashboard, and accurate sleep monitoring. Of course, all these tools provide the best of themselves with the Premium membership, which also offers recommended workouts and meditation sessions.

“The Fitbit Sense does represent a step forward in the smartwatchesor at least in relation to what is presented by the brand that is already a benchmark in the segment of wearables. Any type of user will find an answer to their physical activity needs in this gadgetregardless of whether they are very basic or advanced”, was the conclusion I reached at the time after testing the equipment.

Best tracker: Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5

Why consider it? Because it manages to integrate the best of Fitbit technology in a device with a compact and attractive design.

For whom it is? The Fitbit Charge 5 is for those users who do not want to wear a smart watch, but want a device that allows them to record their physical activity completely and without so many complications.

Since it is placed on the wrist you can be sure that this tracker It will offer the best features of the Fitbit Sense, such as high and low heart rate notifications, EDA sensor for the purpose of understanding stress response, daily recovery data (uses the information of physical activity, sleep and variability of the heart rate to determine if you are ready to train) and health metrics that consider everything from the level of oxygen in the blood to the respiratory rate.

And if one day you leave your phone at home, there is no problem, since the Fitbit Charge 5 has integrated GPS (it is possible to consult the training intensity map in the brand’s application). It also includes a vivid color screen, sleep monitoring and scoring, gentle vibration alarms, 20 exercise modes and smart notifications.

The conclusion after having dressed this monitor is that it is positioned as a simple alternative with advanced functions for those looking to have their first trackerwithout all the “distractions” that smart watches usually include.

The best alternative to Sense: Fitbit Versa 3

Why consider it? Is a smart watch that gives the best Fitbit experience, but at a more affordable price.

For whom it is? For those who want to have an accurate record of their physical activity on a smart watch, without the stress response function.

The Fitbit Versa 3 keeps the same style as its “big brother”, the Fitbit Sense. Among its outstanding specifications are its integrated GPS, the daily recovery level tool to know if it is better to rest or continue with physical activity on a given day, 24-hour heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring and scoring. Like most of the teams listed here, it includes a free trial of Premium membership.

Another of its attractions is that it costs about $70 dollars less than the Sense (when only its normal price is taken into account, without promotion).

Best for fashionistas: Fitbit Luxe

Why consider it? With a deluxe edition and also with a color screen, it is a good device to enter the world (Fitbit) of physical monitoring.

For whom it is? For those looking for a tracker to match your everyday style and “essential” monitoring of your physical activity and wellness.

Slim design, polished stainless steel case and bracelet-like accessories are some external elements for which the Fitbit Luxe is worth looking at.

Regarding its internal functions, it comes with a stress management score, guided breathing sessions, sleep monitoring in order to understand the quality of rest, heart rate recording at any time, health metrics dashboard, up to five days of autonomy and notifications of calls and messages.

An entry-level device for the purpose of getting people to really focus on getting their fitness going, that’s how the Fitbit Luxe can be described in a few words.

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