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The best flashlights to have at home or always carry with you

As a result of the unfounded social alert that has been created by “the Great Blackout”, many people have started to buy some products such as gas stoves or to make their own survival kits.

These are the things you need to build a survival kit before the next cataclysm hits.

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But there is also a product that, although it is more common, is really useful with or without total blackout: flashlights. They are tools that many of us, surely, have at home for raffles, gifts or because they were included in a promotion.

But, what if we want to get a flashlight ourselves even if it is to go to the field? The reality is that many models will serve us.

From small LED lights that turn on when pressed to large flashlights that also allow us to use it as blunt objects.

The most important thing is to make sure that the model we are choosing complies with the value for money.

Details to be considered

If we want to go deeper into what we should look at exactly when we choose between different flashlights:


The size of a flashlight is key, especially when we think about what use we want to give it. Most often, a small flashlight will work for most of us.

If what we are looking for is a flashlight that is easy to transport and, above all, always carry with you, the ideal is to look for the typical pocket or pencil style. Starting at 20 centimeters, we would be talking about a “large” flashlight.

This type of spotlights are ideal for people who want to use it in more particular situations -such as camping, night outings, surveillance, etc.- since they can also serve as a defense object.


Before opting for a flashlight, it is essential to look at the batteries it uses. Some models are rechargeable, use small solar panels or are even recharged with a dynamo.

Now, in general, we will find: AA or AAA batteries, button batteries or D batteries. Depending on the power or size of the flashlight, we will need one type of battery and others.

The most advisable thing is to go to flashlights that work with batteries, since these last a long time.


The power is the result of the battery (power) and the brightness of the light (which is measured in lumens) and even the type of flashlight.

For example, a camping lantern can be very powerful, but by emitting 360-degree light, it is diluted. While a “tactical” flashlight specifies the focus in the same point.

In most situations, a 1000 lumens output will be more than sufficient. Now, we may be interested in a more powerful one if it is not our idea to use it for interiors.

Available modes.

Although the minimum necessary is to turn it on and off, the reality is that some flashlights have different lighting modes. The most common is usually an option to issue distress signals.

The most professional models, in addition, can include a mode to blind a possible aggressor or red or ultraviolet light.


From ConsumoClaro, we recommend LED flashlights. Unless we are looking for a very specific mole -such as red or ultraviolet-, LEDs are the most efficient technology since they combine power and durability.

Yizhet LED Flashlight

For 22.39 euros, this pack offers us 2 LED flashlights of 1000 lumens each. They are two “tactical” lights with rechargeable battery through a USB charger.

Each one has four lighting modes -High, Medium, Defense and SOS-, as well as IPX4 water resistance.

Nitecore Tiki

This is the best option for those who want to carry it with them all the time. For 22.97 euros, this flashlight measures just 55 millimeters and is 14 millimeters thick.

It is an ideal flashlight to place on the keychain, since it also weighs only 10 grams. Its power is very low (300 lumens), but it has ultraviolet light, making it a very versatile alternative.

Maglite ML300L

What if we prefer a flashlight from the typical American movies: one that illuminates a lot and, moreover, can be useful in dangerous situations? For 63.99 euros, the Maglite is one of the most recognized flashlights on the market.

With a size of almost 12 inches, it is a flashlight designed for night surveillance and security jobs. This makes it a great alternative for those who want to keep it at home.

Lantern Varta

If what we need is to adjust the budget to the maximum but we want to have a flashlight just in case, then the Multi LED F20 from Varta is our best option. For 13.14 euros, we will have a useful tool, although not very powerful. This flashlight has 5 LEDs that reach 40 lumens, that is, we will not be able to illuminate much more than a room.

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