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The best folding clotheslines on Amazon

Now that spring is here, the weather improves, but the rains continue. This can be a big problem for those of us who do not have a dryer or have the classic clotheslines in the windows. A good solution to this inconvenience is that of folding clotheslines.

many don’t we thought about getting a clothesline for the amount of space it occupies, but the folding models only cover when we need to use them. This time we can store them in a closet, place them on a wall that does not bother or in the area where we have the washing machine itself to leave everything together.

These utensils simply allow us to place the clothes that come out of the washing machine to hang them and dry them. And although the ideal is to place it in an outdoor space such as a terrace, it can also be placed in an interior room such as the living room or one that we have a little unoccupied.

If you are thinking of getting one of these clotheslines, in ConsumptionClaro we have collected some models that you can buy from Amazon and that offer a good quality/price ratio.

Gimi Jolly drying rack

The classic metal clothesline with an X structure on its legs and which, as a striking point, has different colours. The laying space is 18 meters in a surface of 180 x 93 centimeters. In the lower part we find some small non-slip fasteners to prevent it from moving while we place the clothes.

Gimi Jolly drying rack for €18.64

Rayen Clothesline

If we are looking for a slightly better model and are willing to pay around 35 euros, the Rayen aluminum clothesline may be a better option. This clothesline has a drying surface of 20 meters with slightly less surface: 177 x 92 centimeters. It is made of aluminium, so it is resistant and light, and it has non-slip rods and parts.

Rayen drying rack for €30.99

Amazon Basics Collapsible Clothesline

However, they are still too big models for some people, especially if we live alone. The Amazon Basics folding clothesline can be an alternative for those who don’t have as many clothes or simply want to save a lot of space.

Its surface is 36.8 x 74.9 centimeters, although it must also be taken into account that at the height (106 centimeters) it can also be laid vertically. In the upper part there are 11 bars to place the clothes to dry. Although its great attraction is space: when folded it hardly occupies around 50 centimeters on its long side, which makes it fit anywhere and even store it in a suitcase.

Amazon Basics folding clothesline for €24.87

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