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The best gadgets to give to those who love cooking | Digital Trends Spanish

How intimidating cooking can be, right? So much to do, so many things to control at the same time. Fortunately, technology has reached that part of the house to make your life easier with all kinds of devices that can optimize processes and help you prepare delicious dishes, even if you don’t have much experience.

The point of these appliances is that cooking is much more convenient. One of the trickiest parts of organizing a meal is the preparations. Some ingredients require more attention than others; in fact some – beans, for example – have to be soaked for six to eight hours before you can even start preparing them. This is where gadgets like pressure cookers and air fryers come in, which can save the day when you didn’t take your precautions early enough.

If you are looking for something to help you reduce the time you will spend in the kitchen this holiday season, or you need a gift for a loved one who is excited to get creative with food, this list is surely going to interest you.

Meater Plus WiFi meat thermometer

One of the most common concerns of those with little cooking experience is that the meat is not heated properly inside, an oversight that could even be a source of disease.

The Meater Plus WiFi is a smart thermometer that helps you monitor the internal temperature of whatever you are cooking. Simply put your turkey in – or whatever you are preparing – and you can check the information on your phone. In this way you will not have to open the oven (which delays the preparation time and decreases the quality of the food) and you can focus on other dishes.

Smart thermometers can even notify you when your meat has reached the correct temperature, so you know when to take it out. This is a resource that eliminates much of the uncertainty in the kitchen.

Instant pot

Instant Pot is like Kleenex, in that it is both a brand and a type of product. Usually it refers to a pressure cooker with the ability to greatly reduce the cooking time of certain foods. Beans, for example. Many varieties require an hour or more on a traditional stove, but can be ready in 20-30 minutes in an Instant Pot.

However, these gadgets do more than just speed up the process. They also replace other appliances, helping to clear your kitchen. Many Instant Pots double as slow cookers, rice cookers, and pressure cookers all in one. You can use them to make everything from steamed vegetables to perfect sushi rice.

And since they are so independent, they are perfect for those who are usually busy and do not have a lot of time to cook. You simply pop the ingredients in and come back in an hour (though it will probably be less) to find the food cooked to perfection. There are a lot of models on the market, so take some time to find just the size you need.


When you keep running around the kitchen trying to prepare a feast for family or friends, you probably won’t have time to serve them their drinks, too. But that’s not their fault; And if you want a drink, a domestic shaker can make it for you.

A device like the Bartesian Home Bar can be commissioned to create a mojito for those demanding family members. You simply insert the correct capsule, choose your drink from the menu, and press a button. Health!

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer

Let’s face it: we consume more fat than we should, usually in the form of fried foods. We don’t doubt that your French fries are the best in the world, but how much oil do you need to make them? An air fryer can create the same flavor without all that oil, resulting in healthier food, but just as tasty.

The Ninja Foodie Air Fryer is one of the best on the market. You can use it to make everything from frozen vegetables to whole chicken. And since it uses very little oil, you don’t have to worry about consuming all the calories for a day in one meal.

If you fry or roast a lot of dishes, it will become one of your favorite appliances.

Amazon Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show is one of the most effective and comprehensive kitchen gadgets on the market. True, its use is not limited to the kitchen, but its ability to set multiple timers (with names), search for recipes and even receive video calls will undoubtedly make it your best. sous chef.

When you’re cooking, the last thing you want to do is tap a timer with your hands full of food. No problem: just ask Alexa to set a timer and name a dish for it. Are you missing an ingredient? Ask Alexa to add it to your shopping list.

A smart assistant provides you with a way to control many aspects of your home without using your hands. The Echo Show takes that one step further and lets you manage your home, your timers, and even the music you listen to while cooking, with just your voice.

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