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The Best Gas Grills You Can Buy in 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

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The exercise is routine, but in fact it is the consummation of one of the great advances of humanity: the mastery of fire. You get up and turn on the stove — or induction grill if you’re at the forefront — to heat up some food. If you are a romantic, maybe even drink some water for a tea or maybe a coffee. Grills are one of the most routine home accessories in our lives, but also one of the most important. The current trend is the use of induction grills, but if you prefer something “old-fashioned”, here we tell you what they are The best gas grills you can buy in 2022.

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The best gas grills you can buy in 2022

When choosing a gas grill, the most important thing is to choose one that is safe, that guarantees that there will be no leaks that will make your breakfast or barbecue end in a tragedy. After safety, another crucial aspect is energy efficiency, that is, not wasting too much fuel in the burners. Then, another aspect that we consider crucial are the finishes: that it does not have manufacturing defects, burrs or pronounced edges that end up pulling your shirt or blouse when roasting.

That said, these are The best gas grills you can buy in 2022:

Blackstone Adventure Ready 28-Inch 2-Burner Outdoor Griddle

If you’re looking for a grill for a backyard barbecue, especially with Super Bowl LVI coming up, the Blackstone Adventure Ready is one of your best options. The two burners and the cold rolled steel plate guarantee uniform and consistent heat. In addition, because of its size (28 inches), it is ideal for a barbecue with hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, tortillas and more.

Blackstone Adventure Ready

Blackstone 36-Inch 4-Burner Cook Station

36-inch Blackstone grill

Another ideal option for a barbecue, especially if you are doing it large. Picture it: you have 720 square inches of flat grill, so in addition to making a memorable barbecue, you could also experiment with a teppanyaki. One of its best features is the side shelf with removable cutting board, paper towel holder, and strategically hung hooks. It obviously has wheels, so forget about ruining your grass by dragging it.

Royal Gourmet PD1202R

The Royal Gourmet PD1202R Gas Grill

The Royal Gourmet PD1202R Gas Grill is ideal for modest outdoor gatherings, as it has wonderful features such as a built-in electric lighter that is activated with the push of a button. In addition, it has a sliding grease tray that facilitates quick and easy cleaning. It is a small grill, with 221 square inches of cooking surface that you can cook about seven hamburgers simultaneously. Since it is portable it works with a propane gas tank that you can buy on sites like Amazon.

Royal Gourmet PD1202R

Pit Boss PB336GS

The Pit Boss PB336GS Gas Grill

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