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The best gifts for athletes you can buy | Digital Trends Spanish

What could be the perfect gift for a sports and world fanatic? fitness? They usually have all kinds of accessories and devices to monitor their workouts, so it will not be so difficult to find something to surprise them without falling into the traditional sweatshirt. If you need inspiration, we gather the best gifts for athletes.

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Percussion Massage Gun

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Percussion massage guns are one of the best gadgets to surprise an athlete, as these devices can be used to prepare muscles for training or competition by increasing blood flow, or after work to promote recovery (remove lactic acid and stimulate lymphatic drainage).

One of the best alternatives is Theragun Prime, a device with an ergonomic grip that offers 120 minutes of autonomy on a single charge, a range of five speeds, four heads and an LED display. In addition, it is compatible with a free application that allows you to schedule your massage sessions. If the Theragun is out of your budget, a much cheaper option is the A lot of six heads, although it only has an LCD screen.

A smart scale

The scales stopped being that device that only served to know the daily variation of your weight. Modern ones measure from body mass index to bone mass, and are compatible with apps and physical activity trackers.

One of the best options is the Polar Balance, which offers the perfect balance between features and price. It also takes a “holistic” approach by offering personalized advice to help you meet your health goals.

If you are looking for something more advanced and your budget allows it, the Garmin Index Smart It is capable of measuring BMI, your percentage of fat, water, among other metrics, and keeping a comprehensive record if you use it as a complement to your sports watch.

Personal blender

A personal blender is ideal for athletes who cannot do without their fruit or protein shakes to support the recovery process. The best thing is that because of their size you can take them anywhere, without worrying about space.

For a couple of tens of dollars, the Magic bullet it is one of the best devices you can find. Although its power (250 watts) may seem meager, it is capable of preparing juices, smoothies, creams and sauces. A more advanced option is the Nutribullet 600 watts.

Foam rollers (foam roller)

If percussion massage guns don’t satisfy you, another alternative is foam rollers or foam rollers, With which you can give yourself deep massages using the weight of your body and without the need to resort to an expert.

The Therabody Wave Duo is one of the most convenient options, as it has an ergonomic design that adjusts to any body, five intensity levels and a 200-minute autonomy, as well as an application to promote work.

Kitchen scale

Weight control is one of the main challenges that athletes have, either to maintain their performance or because they constantly must fight against the temptations of the kitchen. Therefore, a scale is an ideal tool to measure your food.

The Drop digital scale is one of the best options, since in addition to its precision it is compatible with other kitchen appliances and is associated with a app Add-on to access hundreds of recipes and tutorials.

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