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The best gifts for fashionable gamers | Digital Trends Spanish

We have evolved beyond the age of gamers without style. Today, people pay for all kinds of clothing and accessories to play games, like rainbow keyboards. In fact, some of us might want to update our style instead of looking for the next best hardware update this holiday season. Here are the best gifts for gamers.

These gifts have quality, price, and good looks. Products must be of at least acceptable quality, at a reasonable price; You don’t have to go bankrupt to be in style. Aesthetics is highly subjective, but many of these articles will be familiar to those looking for setups of gamer “Kawaii” on YouTube and Tiktok.

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Charan Sakura Keys: $ 29

Most of the gamers they probably have a computer, even if they don’t have a designated gaming PC or laptop. So why not look for some keys that can add some design to your machine?

Amazon is one of the most common places to find keys with interesting designs. Cherry blossom patterned keys like Charan Sakura Themed Keycaps they are especially popular for their references to Japanese culture and their unique and delicate aesthetics. Charan in particular also has other attractive alternatives that are not pink; if you don’t like pastel colors, you can decide on the sets Starry sky or Knight. Other honorable mentions include Sunset Backlit Gradient Rainbow Keycaps by Gliging and Pink Pokemon Themed Keycaps by IJKT.

Those who want more personalized or exclusive keys can also search Etsy. However, these sets tend to be more expensive because many of them are handcrafted items. However, maybe that might not stop you from buying this cute Strawberry Daifuku Keycap Set.

StickyBunny Cute Lunar Sky Nintendo Switch Skin: $ 40

The skins, housings or stickers are some of the main ways to decorate your console. It can be a challenge to browse through all the basic designs for the Nintendo Switch OLED, so here are some recommendations.

StickyBunny covers with his skins most of the consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It even makes for Nintendo Switch OLED. However, there are no skins for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S yet. We recommend Lunar Sky, a dreamy star and sky design that comes in a range of pastel colors.

Labotech also sells cute skins anime-themed for consoles to satisfy all kinds of members of the fandom. The Naruto Akatsuki PlayStation 5 Skin could tempt those who like looks street. On the other hand, Sailor Moon Nintendo Switch Skin It should appeal to those who are inclined towards more tender styles. If you are not a fan of anime, Labotech also offers skins from franchises such as Spiderman or Halo.

GeekShare Sweet Sakura Theme Thumb Grip Caps: $ 10

The grips Thumb pads add form and function to the Joy-Con or average controls. Fortunately, they come in sizes for different consoles, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Think of them as pencil ornaments – they may be cute, but their functionality may be debatable.

GeekShare sells removable plates and skins silicone for all types of consoles. Mainly, the independent company sells many skins fashionable for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. However, since we have console skins covered, we are going to focus on the grips for thumbs. Our favorites are GeekShare Sweet Sakura Theme Thumb Grip Caps, a pack of four grips Pale pink color with cherry blossoms printed on the silicone.

GeekShare also has many options in its catalog. For example, it offers many grips with prints related to pastel colored fruits and animal tracks. Most of the other options come in packs of two different designs with two grips each, or in four different designs with one each. You can choose from the many other designs in the GeekShare catalog on Amazon.

Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones: $ 150

Cat ear headphones are one of the most fashionable accessories gamers with aesthetic needs. However, quality comes at a cost. Presumably, most people who want cat ear headphones also want them to sound good.

The Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headset it is one of the most popular and readily available options. These perfect PC accessories come in black or pink with illuminated ears that can change color. They are basic for the “e-girl”Along with other Quartz Pink products from the Razer catalog. However, the Kraken Kitty headphones represent a good investment of $ 150. You might get a small discount this sale season, but typically it’s not much. However, you could simply get a snap-on ear if you don’t like the prices or the specs. The Razer Kitty Ears they can be attached to any headset and cost $ 20.

There are also cat ear headphones from lesser known brands like YOWU Cat Ear Headphones, which have been successful enough to get collaborations from Hatsune Miku and Cardcaptor Sakura.

Smoko Rilakkuma Lamp: $ 24

Screens offer enough light to play video games, but some of us need more light in our lives, whatever the reason. So instead of a basic lamp, why not have a Rilakkuma-inspired one?

The lamp Smoko Rilakkuma Light adds a cozy vibe to almost any space. It measures approximately 8 inches tall, which is barely bigger than a hand and wouldn’t take up much space on a desk. In addition, it offers an environment with a warm glow rather than a more intense light that is intended to illuminate an entire room.

In general we recommend the Smokoas it has a large variety of pet-themed lamps. If you are not a fan of Rilakkuma, you can buy a boba buddy, a frog, or even a potato. You can even buy an extra large potato. String lights are another alternative if you have fire safety in mind. This lighting can add some joy to a bookcase, desk, or wall.

Gengar’s sweater: $ 48

This Gengar sweater has somehow made its way around the internet, and it’s cute. You can get it in Amazon, Etsy, or Wish. If you’re feeling thrifty, you can probably find one from a second-hand seller on eBay or Dpop.

No matter what kind of gamer you are, it’s hard to deny that Gengar is one of the best Pokemon. The sweater has an innovative aesthetic that can match many different styles. Some sites say it’s a men’s sweater, but let’s be honest: it’s unisex. Gengar does not discriminate against men, women, or non-binary people.

Also (fun fact) Valkyrae used it (or at least one that looked a lot like) on social media. Basically it is already a garment for celebrities.

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