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The best GPS to take with the bicycle

Many of the cycling lovers prefer to ride the routes and natural terrains that our Peninsula offers rather than circulate through the streets of cities and towns, since these tend to be less interesting -and much less of a challenge- than the first options.

And although it is true that it can be a good fun and original option, we must be careful with the routes we take. That’s why it’s a very good idea have GPS location with us.

The most common thing is to use our mobile phone for this task, since, at present, many models have GPS technology so that it works without the need to be connected to the internet.

Now, depending on the person, we may worry a bit place our mobile on the bicycle handlebar for possible falls -although there are special fastenings to avoid it- so that the bike ride costs us a new terminal. Or, simply, we want to disconnect completely and leave the mobile at home.

For these cases, we can get a GPS for cyclists that are designed to be placed on the handlebar and leave our mobile at home or stored in a backpack. At ConsumptionClaro, we recommend some models with a great quality/price ratio.

GPS Coospo BC107

A GPS device that offers, for one low price, everything a cyclist needs. The Coospo model has a battery of almost 30 hours of use, it is compatible with ANT+ sensors -the usual ones of heart rate monitors or activity bracelets- to be able to see our heart rate.

The GPS will also keep a record of the route we take, the time and the distance we reach. We can transfer all of this to our mobile or to our computer through a Bluetooth connection.

Coospo BC107 GPS for €69.99


Another low budget GPS to simply have the track recorded. This XOSS GPS simply records the time we have pedaled, the time, the distance and the average speed, without the possibility of connecting to heart rate monitors or cardiac meters.

Even so, through the XOSS application, we can transfer our data to the mobile or the computer to be able to check our rhythm and evolution.

Bryton 750t GPS

However, the previous models are quite simple GPS and may not be the best option for those people who prefer to get lost on the routes without any need for a mobile.

For these types of cases, the Bryton 750t is a very complete GPS -and much more expensive- that offers us as a great feature a screen where we can change the interface as we see fit and even put a map in real time – previously downloaded- and to be able to locate ourselves in it.

In addition, this device is compatible with most sensors on the market to keep track of our pulses, heart rate, etc.

Bryton 750t GPS for €279.99

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