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We love Grand Theft Auto. Each person will have their reasons, but whoever signs this text declares themselves a fan of the sensation of scale and freedom so representative of the series and that it reached a new level with Grand theft auto v. But before Rockstar Games created one of the sandbox most ambitious in the history of video games, the series had a semi-three-dimensional graphics origin and a top-down view (top down). Thus, the series has had several titles since its debut in 1997 (Grand Theft Auto) until its last delivery in 2013 (Grand theft auto v), so we consider it pertinent to list the best Grand Theft Auto games, ranked from worst to best.

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We hope that this ranking can guide any gamer to get a perspective of what games they should play, especially now that everything seems to indicate that we will not see Grand Theft Auto VI but until sometime in 2022 or, perhaps, until 2023.

Also, we clarify that the first part of the count will be reserved for the canonical games of the series, while the second will include the spin-offs of the series.

The best GTA games, ranked from worst to best

7. Grand Theft Auto 2

Technically, GTA 2 it meant a considerable improvement over the title with which the series debuted. Unlike the original game, when moving around the city you heard conversations and sounds that made you feel in a city and not in a desert. Graphically it also improved and even included compressed videos with real actors (similar to those of resident Evil) in what was perhaps an attempt by Rockstar Games to give GTA 2 a more realistic criminal feel. In general, GTA 2 It was a more polished game, but in essence it felt like the first Grand Theft Auto and for that reason we consider it to be “the worst” canon game in the series.

Certainly, GTA 2 It’s not a bad game, but by modern standards it will feel like a game with clunky controls. If you want to play a GTA 2D, you better try Chinatown wars.

6. Grand Theft Auto

If Grand Theft Auto is now a popular phenomenon, it is thanks to the seed it planted GTA, originally released for the PlayStation in 1997. It is played with a view from above and although it used polygonal graphics, its structure was that of a 2D game. At the time, the game was all the rage for the freedom it gave the player. You could go anywhere in any of the three available cities (Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City) to complete gangster-style missions. Visually there is a monumental difference between the first game and GTA V, but in essence, the gameplay characterized by the freedom that the player enjoys to complete a mission or walk around the city is in GTA.

5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

If you haven’t played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, so before doing it (you can play a good adaptation on Android and iOS) look at Scarface. The reason? that GTA Vice City is a parody of the Al Pacino classic. Vice City is a replica of criminal Miami from the eighties, so expect flowery shirts, neon lights, and the classic new wave. “Love Missile F1-11”. In Vice City it began to be notorious that Rockstar Games put special emphasis on the script of their games, so pay attention to the dialogues, as several of them will make you laugh several times. Anyway, we still can’t understand why “She’s on fire” was on the soundtrack of GTA III and not in Vice City.

4. Grand Theft Auto III

An image from the video game Grand Theft Auto 3

Structurally speaking, Grand Theft Auto III It is the most important game of the series, since it marked the transition from the view from above to a third-person view that is still valid in the series. That transition, added to the formula exercised in the last two games of total freedom gameplay, made GTA III an instant classic for the PS2.

And even though Grand Theft Auto III It was an almost perfect game for its time, even at the time it was notorious that missions used to get monotonous. You played as a kind of errand boy and practically everything ended in blowing something up or riddling someone, just like in GTA Y GTA 2. That changed with its sequel, Vice City, which put more emphasis on narrative. Same, GTA III became the first pinnacle of the series.

3. Grand Theft Auto IV

An image from the video game Grand Theft Auto IV

Regarding the narrative improvement that the series experienced, GTA IV presented a story that strayed from satire, resulting in the most “serious” Grand Theft Auto. You play as Niko Belic, an immigrant from Eastern Europe in search of the American dream. While fans do not remember it as the best GTA game, paradoxically it is the one with the best review average on Metacritic. The game was judged negatively because the way the cars were handled felt clumsier, perhaps the result of a poorly managed effort to make the driving less arcade. Same, GTA IV achieved what to date is the most stylized version of Liberty City and also laid the foundation for what would be the most extraordinary game in the series: GTA V.

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

There’s a good reason why Googling “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas“One of the first suggestions of results is” remastered “: many people who are fans of the series today had in San Andreas his first GTA. Narratively, he followed the satirical line of Vice City and spiced it up with nods to the gang counterculture of the California slums. On top of that formula, Rockstar Games added several customization elements that remained in the series, but marked fans for life: you could take CJ to the gym, cut his hair, and get him tattooed.

1. Grand Theft Auto V

By the time Rockstar Games announced GTA V, the series was already a best-selling phenomenon, so the marketing strategy included the presentation of a trailer that counted down for several days. The game was even above expectations, because in addition to achieving the most ambitious representation of a city (Los Santos, at the same time a copy of Los Angeles), it innovated its gameplay with the triad of protagonists and the robberies felt like a quantum leap from the mission structure of the series.

On top of nearing perfection, GTA V included an online component that eight years after its launch continues to receive content and played by thousands around the world: GTA Online. That Rockstar take the time to present GTA VIWell, what a task to overcome what has been achieved with its predecessor.

The best GTA spin-offs

5. Grand Theft Auto / Grand Theft Auto 2 (Game Boy Color)

While neither of the two games are spin-offs, but rather adaptations of GTA Y GTA 2 for the Game Boy Color, the limitations of the Nintendo handheld caused Rockstar to have to graphically remake both games. Sure, comparing them to the PlayStation versions, the Game Boy Color GTAs feel limited, but to tell the truth, the map is the same length and the missions are the same (although of course, they have their dose of Nintendo censorship), so Technically, both games are outstanding efforts. Think of them as a limited version of Retro City Rampage.

4. Grand Theft Auto Advance

Yes, we love Nintendo laptops, and that is why we highlight that Rockstar has resumed its interest in bringing its series to the Game Boy Advance (hopefully there is interest in creating something for the Switch). GTA Advance it was going to be an adaptation of GTA III, but it ended up being a whole new game in the end. Its playability and visual aspect is closer to the GTA of the PlayStation. It will be difficult to find a legal way to play it, but if you are into In the revival of retro video games, try it, it is one of the most striking curiosities of the GBA.

3. GTA: Vice City Stories / Liberty City Stories

If having a GTA on the Game Boy felt like a feat, having roughly a replica of the PS2 GTAs felt like the miracle of the PSP (as context, Liberty City Stories came out in 2005, two years before the iPhone). And while both titles felt like simple expansions of GTA III Y GTA Vice City, Liberty City Stories It transcended as the first game in the series to include a six-player online multiplayer mode.

2. GTA: Chinatown Wars

We choose GTA: Chinatown Wars as the second best spin-off of the series due to being invariably the best game with a view top down of the series. It originally debuted on the Nintendo DS, but after a few years it had adaptations for Android, iOS, and the PSP, so frankly it’s easier to play than GTA Y GTA 2 and the GBC adaptations.

Its gameplay is like a hyper-improved version of the first two games in the series, but instead of occupying polygonal graphics, it replaces them with cell-shaded (cartoon-like) that look timeless. The story is a satire of how a criminal heir to Chinatown ends up losing his reputation, so he must start from the bottom dealing drugs and doing evil things. One aspect to note is that, as it was born in the DS, it is full of minigames that work perfectly on a mobile screen, such as putting together some cables to start a recently stolen car.

1. GTA Online

gta online E3 2021

Yes OK GTA Online has its dose of narrative, the multiplayer component of GTA V It has lasted so many years because it allows you to do what thousands love about the series: go bad from here to there. If you add to that that you can build a criminal empire, drive fantasy cars and other types of vehicles, such as airplanes, while playing with your friends, you have as a result an addictive multiplayer mode that is still among the most played even when it is eight years old. antiquity.

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