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The best house designs in Minecraft | Digital Trends Spanish

Minecraft It came in 2011 to bring us a new way of creating, exploring and adventuring in a virtual environment, and it also turned out to be an ideal platform for building structures. In this article we gather some of the best house designs in Minecraft (Some even offer a tutorial, so you can also recreate these houses).

The best house designs in Minecraft

Wooden autumnal house

We can’t help but feel a sense of warmth every time we see this quaint wooden house built by Zaypixel. It’s a creation we’d love to move into if it were available in real life, and not only is the house adorable, it also has several eye-catching features, including a bedroom, a kitchen area with a dining nook, a fireplace, and a beautiful view towards the fall foliage. Best of all, the Zaypixel video includes instructions so you can build this house too.

Modern house

Modern architecture is seen as a blend of form and function with its vivid colors and fine right angles. This home made by Keralis shows us exactly why this style is so desirable. Begin by exploring the property, which has a playground, outdoor pool, and terrace patio, before heading inside. When you’re ready, walk through the patio and go through the glass door to enter a beautiful piece of modern art. We recommend taking a moment to enjoy the second floor living room, which has a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape of Minecraft.

Realistic mansion

Many of us can’t afford a mansion, but that’s another good reason to play. Minecraft. This realistic Minecraft Builder-designed mansion sits on a stately property, next to a large lagoon-style pool, fire pit, tennis court, and guest house. The mansion has many rooms to explore and is large enough to invite your favorite friends from Minecraft to spend one night. We recommend entering this house through the main entrance, where you will get an idea of ​​its large scale, then enjoy exploring everything, but try not to get lost in the corridors.

medieval castle

Maybe modern options are not for you and you prefer a touch of fantasy in your life. This medieval castle is featured in an amazing timelapse video thanks to Cortezerino. As they say in the description of their video, all the construction was done in survival mode and it took about five months to complete. That is dedication! The castle has medieval-style rooms, towers that reach up to the sky and a courtyard protected by defensive walls. All this castle needs is a king or queen to rule these lands.

Japanese house

A traditional Japanese home can be quite a relaxing place, and this Bluebits creation helps to see exactly why. A classic Japanese architecture surrounded by a Zen garden, with a bridge and a lot of foliage will take you back in time. The best thing is that if you want to enter this house yourself, you can start recreating it thanks to a Bluebits tutorial; in fact, he says the process is relatively easy. If you’re playing survival mode, it’s going to require minimal materials as well, making it a bit more manageable to find what you need.

Ultimate Farm

If growing is one of your favorite activities in MinecraftThen take a look at this huge farm, designed by MAB JUNS. Its terraced wood design offers multiple agricultural plots so you can grow all your essentials. In addition, this property has several places to corral your horses from Minecraft. The construction may not seem as grand as other houses we have highlighted, but its charm touched our sensibilities.

Underground survival base

We already mentioned survival mode, so what’s better than an underground survival base if that’s exactly the mode you intend to tackle? Folli shows what they call a “simple little base / underground house with everything you need to get started”. We enjoy some of the fun touches that Folli brings to this base, which we will leave as a surprise for you to discover on your own. Best of all, this underground base looks great from above and isn’t completely hidden from the world thanks to its glass ceiling.

Hobbit hole

Another splendid Zaypixel entry is this Hobbit hole. Take a step into Tolkien’s world and start making your own home on the side of a small hill, from where you can begin your future adventures to keep the earth in peace. Don’t worry, living next to a hill is not as bad as it sounds; sure, there is a lot of dirt to move, but the final construction is very homey. Check out this tutorial from Zaypixel and recreate this house on your own, but if you find a ring, please keep it responsibly.

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