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The best ice buckets to keep our beers cold

Beer, in Spain, is drunk very cold, stupidly gelada, what they say in Brazil. When summer arrives, there are many of us who, in a punctual and responsible manner, like to drink a beer with lemon with friends when the heat attacks. Although it is hateful that, while we are on the terrace or chatting, those that are yet to open get hot. The best solution is get us an ice bucket.

When we gather our family and friends it is very important to keep drinks, alcoholic or not, cold, especially now in summer when we tend to have barbecues on terraces or gardens. The buckets are a great option to chill bottles or cans along with a huge amount of ice and thus be able to spend hours and hours talking with our acquaintances without fear that our concoctions will turn lukewarm.

Labeled metal ice bucket

The classic oval metal bucket in which to put dozens of ice cubes and, in them, our glass bottles or cans. It is a 16.5x30x20 centimeter container that has different labels on each of its sides, which can be fun or original for some people.

Labeled metal ice bucket for €25.60

5 metal buckets with handles

And for the most brewing, what better than the classic metal bucket with opener included. This pack includes five metal buckets with diameters of 22.5 centimeters and 18.5 cm in height, each of which also has an opener attached to the handle with a chain to open the bottles without any problem.

5 metal buckets with handles for €39.99

Tianderenhe LED Ice Bucket

For partygoers who are looking for more original buckets or buckets designed for the wildest nights, this plastic bucket with LED lights can be ideal. With a somewhat smaller capacity than the previous ones -between 4 and 6 bottles-, this bucket has a 25 cm diameter at the top and 15.8 centimeters at the base. It has an LED light at the bottom of the bucket that provides RGB lighting.

Tianderenhe LED ice bucket for €24.99

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