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The best ice cream parlors in Spain that break the myth of Italian ice cream

The mythification of Italian ice cream has haunted Spain for decades, to the point that many ice cream parlors were called “Los Italianos”, as if that were a guarantee of flavor, creaminess, originality and authenticity according to the recipe that Bernardo Buontalenti invented back in 1559.

Is ice cream really as insane as people say?

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The truth is that, when we started to travel to Italy and compared, many of us were disappointed because those who did here were a vulgar imitation. And, in the long run, that led many Spanish pastry chefs to research, train and challenge themselves.

To the point that some have already competed in the Gelato Festival World Master, the international competition that since 2010 has traveled the world in search of the best flavors of ice cream. For the final in 2021, Spain will be represented by Carlo Guerriero and Fernando Alberdi.

The most famous signature ice creams

The Italian Gelato Cream Shop belongs to the aforementioned Carlo Guerriero, who will represent Spain from Cádiz with its creamy Oloroso ice cream. Tempting are vanilla from Madagascar, cocoa from South America, Matcha tea from Japan, Payoyo cheese from the Sierra de Cádiz or the essential pistachio from Bronte.

Dona Doni Ice Cream Shop it is the ice cream parlor of Fernando Alberdi, in Getaria, awarded third place for the best flavor in the national artisan ice cream contest for its ‘Mango Ezpeleta’, mango and pepper ice cream from Ezpeleta. You have to try their coffee ice cream, milk-free chocolate, cheese, cheese cake and Mundubira, which has nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and pineapple.

Dellasera arises from the Grate workshop by Fernando Saenz, in Logroño, National Gastronomy Memorial Award for the Best Pastry Chef in Spain. Among its preparations for the 2021 season, it surprises us with the flavors Mandarina Shikwasa, lemon cream with Alfaro oil, raspberries with Haro balsamic vinegar, roasted pineapple, Higuera shade, Riojan marzipan, specialty organic Colombian coffee, goat cheese. of Ortigosa with Blueberries, lees of Abel Mendoza 5V white wine fermented in barrel or citrus with ginger.

The Gela It is the ice cream parlor that the award-winning Jordi Roig opened in Canet de Mar in 2005, although it has been making its acclaimed ice creams for 28 years using and pampering products of the highest quality and proximity that its regular customers ask for, with original flavors such as horchata-vanilla-coconut, coca de San Juan, panettone or cassis-violet and bacon of heaven among others.

Rocambolesc It is the Roca brothers ice cream shop in Girona, where they make crazy things like lactic yogurt ice cream with dulce de leche, guava jam and cotton candy, as well as cherry and elderberry or mango and passion fruit sorbets. Not to mention the panet, a brioche filled with ice cream and toppings toasted and sealed on the outside. If you like ice more, Rocanas Polo is Jordi Roca’s nose made with strawberries and rose water.

Candela Gelateria, in Valencia, opened its doors in 2018 after José Manuel Marcos Candela was proclaimed World runner-up in ice cream parlor, who falls in love with its Chocolate ice creams of unique Origins, Championship and Cult; the frozen versions of the most famous cakes in the world such as Tarta Tatín, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, New York Cheesecake and Tiramisu; or the authentic Pionono® from Casa Isla de Granada. Plein Fruit Sorbets are also highly desired.

Cal sisquet, sita in Roda de Berà, TarragonaIt is the work of ice cream chef Marc Piqué Casas, world runner-up in ice cream parlor for flavors in his ice creams, glasses and sorbets such as banana, yogurt, toffee sauce and toasted pine nut; or the white chocolate and passion fruit or the guanaja 70% chocolate and its crunchy cocoa grue. Ask for the supreme minions or sweet sushi tastings and for their seawater ice creams.

DelaCrem is the groundbreaking ice cream parlor of Massimo Pignata, originally from Piedmont, the cradle of “Slow food”, which introduced the “pozzetti” in Barcelona and created the wheel of flavors through its classic and seasonal proposals full of imagination. Don’t miss the affogato, their ice cream drowned in coffee.

Angelato it’s the ice cream parlor in Vitoria by Ángel Vicente, who is determined to make X ice creams, not X-flavored. That is, if you put Panettone ice cream with chocolate chips and Sicilian orange dice, it is exactly that, like matcha tea, Kinder, whiskey cake, Calabrian liquorice (Italy), mascarpone with millefeuille, apple strudel, etc. And also, they have premium artisan cones dipped in chocolate.

The most familiar

Among our inquiries, we have been recommended ice cream parlors such as Tutto frutto Da Remoaldo, which opened in 1986 in Gandía;

Regma, an empire that Marcelino Castanedo Miera built when he bought his first ice cream shop in Santander 1933 and has spread throughout Spain to Palencia.

Where they are also The Gustosa, which makes its 60 flavors with milk from the Monastery of La Trapa, in Dueñas; and Ice Cream Costs gluten-free artisanal.

In Zaragoza stand out Tortosa ice cream parlor since 1935 and The art, an artisan workshop of natural ice creams in Guara.

The Escoda ice cream parlor belongs to a family of Jijonencos ice cream makers since 1917 In cordoba.

Nonna, in Rincon de la Victoria (Malaga), is a family business that Enrique started in 2013, and makes ice creams with fresh milk from the Antequera fertile plain.

Hence the creaminess of the top: citrus fruits from the East, mango, rice pudding, Nonna cake, Buenissimo, custard with cookies, Pink Panther, pistachio, Pío X, Algarrobo cake with coffee, Crazy Cake or peanut a vegan salt.

The Valenciana, in Marbella, has been in operation since 1970, when the founder arrived in Marbella from Mungia, where he already had his first ice cream parlor, whose recipes are still being made step by step. Surprising flavors such as hazelnut cremino, M & m’s, Strudel, Nestle Jungly, yogurt with honey and nuts, white chocolate with crunchy raspberry, Kinder, Philadelphia with Blueberries, Happy Hippo, Ferrero Roché.

The Freska, in Tarifa, has led Ana Isabel del Río for six years, succeeding with flavors such as cheese with quince and walnuts, honey from Tarifa with pine nuts or Peppa Pig (natural strawberry stracciatella with white chocolate), as well as lactose-free ice cream and sorbets with the best natural fruits.

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