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The best images of the astronomical photography contest | Digital Trends Spanish

The space always offers us the most spectacular views. Fortunately, cameras have evolved so much in recent times that they can now capture that spectacularity.

The Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2021 contest brings together the best images of the sky and space, and this week has announced the winners.

The event organized by the Royal Observatory Greenwich is one of the most attractive events for lovers of astronomical photography and many people submit their images to compete.

The competition is divided into eight categories: auroras; galaxies; our Moon; our Sun; people and space; planets, comets and asteroids; heavenly landscapes and stars and nebulae.

This year, the main prize went to Suchang Dog and his photograph The Golden Ring, which shows an annular solar eclipse captured in the Ali region of Tibet on June 21, 2020.

Shuchang Dong.

In another of the outstanding categories, that of people and space, the winner was Deepal Ratnayaka, for an image where you can see her little daughter showing the stars to her stuffed animal.

The photograph was taken in Windsor, UK, in January this year.

Deepal Ratnayaka.

Meanwhile, in the auroras category, first place went to Dmitrii Rybalka, for an impressive photograph he took in Russia’s Kara Strait in November last year.

Dmitrii Rybalka.

These are some of this year’s winners. The featured images of the other versions can be consulted on the Royal Observatory Greenwich website.

Zhong Wu.
Nicolas Lefaudeux.
Frank Kuszaj
Terry Hancock.
Paul Eckhardt
Nicolas Lefaudeux.

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