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The best inflatable mats so you can do the goose in the pool

The heat does not stop this summer and it is not better anywhere else than in the pool, with the cool water and the occasional dips that we periodically take. But when we get out again, the heat returns again and we have quickly dried up, so we will have to re-enter the water.

However, there is a remedy that never fails, which keeps us in a semi-amphibious mode. That is: half wet and half dry, always ready to soak again without the slightest effort and, moreover, resting in the position that we like the most: horizontal. We talk about the inflatable mats.

This is a sector that has varied a lot throughout history, from the classic and rigid ones of the 70s and 80s of the last century to the current ones, which allow more versatile postures and also imitate different fruits, ice creams or pizza portions, making us salivate therefore.

At Consumption Claro we want to offer you a sample of some of the most valued mats on Amazon, which have given buyers the best results to be able to drone during the heat in the pool.


It is a pink mat, with a lighter and more transparent laminated bottom, made of polyvinyl chloride with dimensions of 165 cm long, 75 cm wide, and 22 cm deep.

Buy this product on Amazon from 21.89 euros


Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to be lazy in the pool is this inflatable chair made of plastic, which allows us to sit with a good backrest doing absolutely nothing, with two armrests and a hole to leave the Coke can. -Cola, beer, cubalibre, gin and tonic, or pilé 43.

Buy this product on Amazon from 17.35 euros


Curious mat in the shape of a pepperoni pizza, made of plastic and with dimensions of 190 cm long and 155 cm. at the widest part of the pizza slice. Without a doubt, a fun and tasty way to feel like one more ingredient of this great pizza.

Buy this product on Amazon from 37.99 euros


It is defined as a floating hammock, with two inflatable ends and a long curved central part, which can be adapted to different body postures. It allows us to be lying down, but also sitting and in other positions.

Buy this product on Amazon from 22.99 euros

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