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The best laboratories to print photos online in 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

With phones equipped with powerful cameras, we have forgotten the days when we kept our photos in albums or photo frames. However, there is always one that we would like to deserve a physical copy. But do you know where to do it? Meet the best labs for printing online photos.

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We have not only based on our personal experience, but also on the recommendations of professional photographers and various reviews. So, trust us and choose one of these good options that we point out to you.

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Product Category
Snapfish The best online laboratory
CVS The best fast lab online
mpix The best personal photo lab
white wall The best professional laboratory


The best online photo lab

If you’re looking for a professional company to print your favorite photos on calendars, pillow cases, or other items, Snapfish is your best option. It offers a simple, fast and cheap service compared to its main competitor, Shutterfly. For example, a 4 x 6 print starts at 12 cents, while Shutterfly starts at 15 cents.

Although Snapfish doesn’t offer high-resolution images like more expensive professional options, its photos are very good compared to similarly priced competitors. Best of all are their partnerships with Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens, which allow you to pick up your orders at these retailers.

In addition, together with its web platform, the snapfish app makes it easy to order from a smartphone and offers 100 free prints per month per year.


Runner-up: Shutterfly

Even if shutterfly it is a little more expensive than Snapfish, it should not be overlooked. In addition, it is very likely that on the internet you can find a coupon to print in this chain.

Like Snapfish, Shutterfly has a mobile app. However, it does not offer you a free print, but 100 percent free unlimited storage. A great advantage for photographers who need a backup of their files.


The best online quick photo lab

CVS website

Photo kiosks are fast and convenient, although their quality varies. For example, you might find one inside a pharmacy or supermarket that delivers great photos, but then another from the same chain doesn’t give you as good a result.

While quality may vary from location to location, the franchise CVS it is perhaps the most consistent and fastest, ideal for those who cannot wait several days to place an order online. Also, while printing kiosks are not without their technical issues, the ordering process is quite simple.

You have to consider that the quality does not reach the level of professional laboratories, but CVS is the franchise that has received the fewest complaints about inaccurate colors or blurred images. Printing at costs 37 cents for one print.

Note: You can also send prints to CVS from your smartphone through the CVS or Snapfish apps.



Best professional photo lab

Mpix's website

mpix offers high-quality photos printed in the USA that are ready in 24 hours. Mpix’s quality is superior to what you’ll get from a pharmacy, hypermarket or online print shop, as their lab technicians check each photograph by hand. Additionally, Mpix offers three different paper options.


Runner-up: Nations Photo Lab

Even if Nations Photo Lab may have slightly longer processing times (up to two days for prints), has a great customer service team. The company was quick to offer a reprint or refund when an order didn’t turn out as expected.

Nations offers professional-grade quality, though you don’t have to be a professional photographer to order, and their online platform is easy to use. Compared to Mpix, its product range is a bit broader, including custom wooden or metal USB drives for delivering digital files.

white wall

Best Ultra Professional Laboratory

Whitewall website

If you are looking for something better quality, white wall is your alternative. This German-founded photo lab offers ultra-professional, art-gallery-style products. While more expensive than other options, WhiteWall offers a higher level of quality. The company offers a full range of products, from standard photographic paper to canvases, acrylics, and metallic prints.

white wall

Runner-up: Pro DPI

ProDPI is known for its high-end prints and sharp, color-accurate images. Pro DPI offers a photo paper option, including options from Fuji and Kodak. At this print lab you can print anything from quick photos to special gallery-quality wall art. However, if you want more control, you can try printing it at home.

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