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The best laptop deals during Amazon Prime Day 2021, plus early discounts you can already shop

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 is fast approaching, and we’re already seeing significant deals on laptops. The annual shopping holiday will take place on June 21 and 22, making it a great opportunity to snag a new laptop, whether it’s for school, work, or even gaming.

Last year, we saw deals on laptops from Apple, Lenovo, and others as well as Google’s Pixelbook Go and Razer’s Blade 15 gaming laptop. It’s not Prime Day yet, but a couple of our top-rated laptops, like the M1 MacBook Air and Dell XPS 13, are already on sale ahead of the event.

See below for everything you need to know about shopping for a new laptop on Amazon Prime Day 2021. And learn more about how Insider Reviews vets deals and tests products.

Best early Amazon Prime Day laptop deals

It’s not Prime Day just yet, but Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are already offering a few notable discounts on laptops. For a general-purpose laptop, we recommend a notebook with an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor, at least 8GB of RAM , and 128GB or 256GB of storage.

Many of these laptops will have integrated graphics, which share memory with the CPU rather than having their own dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU). Dedicated graphics aren’t a must if you’re mostly using your laptop for tasks like word processing, managing spreadsheets, and browsing the web, but video editors and gamers will want a standalone GPU.

Chromebooks often come with less storage and memory and lower-end processors since they rely so heavily on the cloud.

Top early Amazon Prime Day MacBook deals

Last Prime Day, we saw discounts on the early 2020 MacBook Air. This year, we’re hoping to see bigger discounts on the newer MacBook Air and Macbook Pro models that run on Apple’s more powerful M1 processor. The MacBook Air is our favorite MacBook since it shares many qualities with the MacBook Pro at a lower price.

The MacBook Pro is already on sale for $99 off on Amazon, while the M1-powered MacBook Air is available for $50 off.

When the redesigned MacBook Air launched in 2018, it wasn’t exactly the affordable MacBook that the original model was known for, after it came out in 2008. However, one small revision later — and an important price drop — and the 2019 MacBook Air has become our favorite of the litter.

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