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The best lint removers to keep our clothes spotless

Whether due to wear or because the quality of the clothes we have is not optimal, it is common for some of our garments to start to have fluff. Those little balls of cloth that are so uncomfortable and that disfigure our appearance so much can make us stop using these outfits.

Or in the worst case, taking them to a tailor or a dry cleaner to clean them, investing an unforeseen budget. The lint remover They are utensils that, for several years now, can be the ideal solution for this.

In the past it was popular for our elders to have the typical lint remover roll: a sticky paper that retained lint. Currently, there are electrical devices that are capable of sucking up both lint and the typical balls that form in used clothing.

Although the “analog” ones usually work for most situations, some power and versatility are lost compared to the modern ones. In ConsumptionClaro, we recommend some models of lint remover to mend spring clothes.

Beautural Electric Lint Remover

Amazon’s best-selling and highest-rated model: the Beautural Electric Lint Remover. This device has the power to remove lint as well as tassels -the typical balls that are formed- and does not need to be connected to the electrical network.

This model of lint remover has three adjustable heights, two speeds and three sizes for the head, in addition to having three blades to catch any imperfection in the clothes.

Beautural Electric Lint Remover for €13.99

Philips GC026/00

A more affordable model that, in the same way, can be used to remove fluff and some tassels (although it is not prepared for it). This model has a system of blades that reach speeds of up to 8,800 rotations per minute thanks to the fact that it works with two AA batteries. The kit also includes a brush to clean the lint remover after use.

Philips GC026/00 for €11.99

Jata Lint Remover

Now, if what we are looking for is a really cheap lint remover that still helps us get out of trouble, this Jata model may be the ideal one in that case.

With a diameter of 50 millimeters, this lint remover has blades with safety technology that prevents them from being activated inadvertently. This model works with two AA batteries and has a cleaning brush and a lint container. In addition, it is the smallest of the three, so it is perfect to take on a trip.

Jata lint remover for €6.99

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