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The best memes of the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup | Digital Trends Spanish

The international tournament will be held until August 1, the day of the grand final, which will take place at the Allegiant Stadium. And so that you do not miss the moments of fun, we bring you the best memes of the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup.

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Best memes of the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup

Group stage (matchday 1)

Mexico vs. Trinidad and Tobago

In a close game and with a Trinidad and Tobago thrown back, Mexico could not make a difference. In fact, Hirving Lozano will not be able to continue contesting the 2021 Gold Cup, after the strong blow product of a clash with the Trinidadian goalkeeper.


& mdash; 🏖️mel⁷; ᵇᵘᵗᵗᵉʳ (@zzaynislove_) July 11, 2021

And now they want us to see Mexico vs Trinidad and Tobago hahahaha I’m going to drink, we’ll see each other there.

& mdash; King Puma (@Pumajestad) July 11, 2021

Who can think of Brazil vs Argentina, when we have a legendary Mexico vs Trinidad and Tobago in front of us 🤡

& mdash; Heribertus1 (@ heribertus1) July 11, 2021

“Now the highlight of Saturday is coming. Mexico vs Trinidad and Tobago “

– An Argentinian.

& mdash; Salva.Dor ¯- {ツ} – / ¯ (@ConvoyTorreon) July 11, 2021

What a frustrating! In every way Mexico vs Trinidad and Tobago

& mdash; Daniela Cohen (@danielacohenm) July 11, 2021

United States vs. Haiti

The team led by Gregg Berhalter defeated its counterpart in Haiti by the smallest difference (1-0), in a game that was not without opportunities from both teams. However, Sam Vines was the only player who could consolidate a goal.

The # EURO2020… We continue with the United States vs Haiti 🥰

& mdash; Jonathan López (@ jhonny_lopez12) July 11, 2021

Well, now who is launching to see the United States vs Haiti

& mdash; Fanny Calderón (@fanncaldern) July 11, 2021

I need soccer
I think I’ll see the United States vs Haiti

& mdash; 𝕾𝖊𝖇𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖆𝖓 (@ Sebas_Salazar17) July 11, 2021

Canada vs. Martinique

If it is not believed that Canada has thrashed in this match (4-1), especially because Martinique opened the scoring of the match after an error by the opposing defense. What followed next was a feast for Canadians, with so many from Corbeanu, Stephen Eustáquio, Jonathan Osorio and Cyle Larin.

The # EURO2020, now to see Canada vs. Martinique.

Ha …

& mdash; Pedro C. Piña Loredo (@PedroPinaLoredo) July 11, 2021

Canada vs Martinique will be better than Italy vs England. Mark my words.

& mdash; Paul Antoine Matos (@ antoine8matos) July 11, 2021

Come on, that Canada vs Martinique is not going to be seen alone 😂

& mdash; Antonio Ramos (@ Ramos019) July 11, 2021

Costa Rica vs Guadalupe 😍
Jamaica vs Suriname 🤤
Canada vs Martinique 🥴
El Salvador vs Curaçao 😮‍💨

& mdash; Jonhy Tena (@TenaJonhy) July 7, 2021

El Salvador vs. Guatemala

In a match that seemed closed, El Salvador managed to prevail over the Guatemalans by a difference of two goals (2-0). The changes worked for the Salvadoran team to make a difference against a rival that was blurred as the minutes passed.

El Salvador 🇸🇻 vs Guatemala 🇬🇹 anticipated final 😎 is better than those games

& mdash; Rudy (@rudyjose) July 9, 2021

It will be that I wake up watching the Guatemala vs El Salvador

& mdash; Chester Palma (@ Chester_17) July 12, 2021

I don’t know whether to keep seeing the #NBAFinals or change to the always vibrant # GoldCup21
OK, I know the way out 🚶

& mdash; Ivan Pirrón (@Ivan_Pirron) July 12, 2021

Jamaica vs. Surinam

There was no doubt, the Jamaica team dominated the match from start to finish. In addition, the goals he scored over Suriname (2-0), from Shamar Nicholson and Bobby Reid, were distinguished by their quality.

One crying because there is no more Euro or America’s Cup.

Jamaica vs Suriname and Costa Rica vs Guadalupe is coming.

& mdash; 🦁🇫🇷🇭🇳 (@ barahonahn10) July 12, 2021

One day you are watching the final of Wimbledon, Euro and NBA

The next day you will only have to watch Jamaica vs Suriname

Life is full of ups and downs 😩

& mdash; E-BOY (@EmilioPicks) July 12, 2021

Boredom level ..

Watching Jamaica 🇯🇲 vs Suriname 🇸🇷 😅

& mdash; Antonio (@ tony_1777) July 13, 2021

Costa Rica vs. Guadeloupe

Except for one or another flash of Guadalupe, the Tico team had no problem winning both on the court and on the scoreboard (3-1) over their rival. In general, it was a meeting that was not without interest.

I can’t believe I’m watching a Costa Rica vs Guadalupe. I think it’s time to get a girlfriend.

& mdash; JIMMY CHAMPION 9🏆 (@ JNT3D) July 13, 2021

I don’t like my mom making her plans without considering my schedule. Now I have to go out to dinner and I will miss the Costa Rica vs Guadalupe Gold Cup. 😡

& mdash; LG (@leguifarro) July 12, 2021

One crying because there is no more Euro or America’s Cup.

Jamaica vs Suriname and Costa Rica vs Guadalupe is coming.

& mdash; 🦁🇫🇷🇭🇳 (@ barahonahn10) July 12, 2021

2021 Gold Cup Venues

There are five states that have one of the venues for the international competition: Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Nevada and Texas.

Some of the featured stadiums are: Toyota Stadium, AT&T Stadium, Children’s Mercy Park, Exploria Stadium, Cotton Bowl Stadium, BBVA Stadium, and NRG Stadium.

Above Allegiant Stadium, the home of the 2021 Gold Cup grand final, is a joint project between the firms HNTB and MANICA Architecture, which was consolidated as a completely closed and climate-controlled complex, with a capacity of 65,000 seats. “Its exterior is inspired by the distinctive lines of a luxury sports car,” explain the dispatches.

Allegiant Stadium is the home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders and the NCAA’s UNLV Rebels.

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