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The best memes of the Qatar 2022 World Cup | Digital Trends Spanish

The most controversial World Cup in history has just opened. Not only because of the election of Qatar itself, it is questioned due to the FIFA corruption scandals, but also because of the information that has come from the Arab country and that there are thousands of workers killed in the construction works of the stadiums. In addition, there are a set of regulations that we still do not know how they will be received by the attendees –anti-LGBT+ regulations; alcohol only in restricted places; Low necklines and going without a shirt are prohibited. Of course, there is always room for humor.

It will interest you:

The ones that follow are the best memes that the Qatar 2022 World Cup has left us in these last hours. Of course, it will be a note that we will update every day.

The World Cup starts today

"The World Cup starts today"

— The Football Crew (@ftblcrew_memes) November 20, 2022

me at the opening

Morgan Freeman/ me right now

— Zeta (@Zeta_StyleK) November 20, 2022

Is that Morgan Freeman over there?

Qataries: “Bring me your God”
✨Morgan Freeman✨#QatarWorldCup2022

— Lala Maio (@lalaamaio) November 20, 2022

something you have to live

Morgan Freeman and BTS’s after the opening ceremony

— PESETEIRO (@jpeseteiroDT) November 20, 2022

When you realize that the world cup starts today

When you realize the World Cup starts today

— Soccer Memes (@SoccerMemes) November 20, 2022

When you wait for everyone to arrive at the stadium and then ban alcohol

It’s not funny but this meme is funny 🤣 #WorldCup

— Kerry ✈⚽️🌍 (@KerrySomewhere) November 19, 2022

waka waka

When they played waka waka at the opening and Shakira didn’t come out #QatarWorldCup2022

— Georgie (@unjorjito_) November 20, 2022

And Shakira?

Watching the opening ceremony of #QatarWorldCup2022 without @Shakira

— 🛴🧲☪️⏫🪱 (@lucasmpastori) November 20, 2022

What time do we charge?

Morgan Freeman, the one from BTS and Maluma when they return to the hotel

— Manudarg (@ManUdArg) November 20, 2022

And Maluma?

Hey, and Maluma?#QatarWorldCup2022

— xpler (@xpl1wer) November 20, 2022

And Maluma? two

All Colombians waiting for Maluma at the opening of the World Cup 🤣😔🇨🇴 #QatarWorldCup2022 #FIFAWorldCup

— Elias David (@EliasDiaz122) November 20, 2022


The damn opening ceremony is over and the game starts

— MDC_10 🇦🇷 (@Marianodc_Gdc) November 20, 2022

Forza Italy

Italians are ready for the world Cup 😂😂
📸Football Memes #PulseSportsUganda

— Pulse Sports Uganda (@PulseSportsUG) November 20, 2022

Colombia is not Maluma

These brave men said NO to Qatar. Learn Maluma!

— Uncle Pelis (@Pelicolombianas) November 19, 2022

Has it happened to you?

Share, Like and Follow us #Humor #Jokes #Memes #Laughter #comedy #Comedy #Larisasviral #share #like #memesespanol #memestagram #viral #Qatar2022 #WorldCup2022Qatar #worldwideqatar2022 #FIFAWorldCup #SiElMundialFueraEnCircombia

— It’s Viral Laughter (@larisaesviral) November 20, 2022

and chili

You don’t play with Chile!#Chile #Qatar2022 #World CupQatar2022

*Credits to whoever made this meme

— ChileMundial(parody) (@ChileMundial22) November 18, 2022

you already know

I stole this meme from Face and I wanted to bring it here because I felt like it #Qatar2022

— Kevin (@Kevzrodfon) November 16, 2022

Teacher: Forbidden to watch the World Cup during classes…

Teacher: “Not watching the World Cup during class”

Me and the boys:

— The Football Crew (@ftblcrew_memes) November 19, 2022

Regarding the call for Mexico

— BIG JOE (@Joe4130) November 14, 2022

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