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The best models of urban bird feeders

The birds, with the cold weather, have returned to the cities and towns of Spain and despite the fact that for some people they may be a nuisance, the reality is that they are an important part of our ecosystem. For this reason, many of us should try to make them feel comfortable and, thus, not abandon the spaces that belong to them.

One way to contribute to this is to get a bird feeder and place it in one of our windows, the terrace or garden, if we have one. These help the birds to feed and establish their nests near the area, so that we do not find spaces with hardly any birds.

If this is a topic that interests you or worries you, in ConsumptionClaro we recommend some models that can help the ecosystem of your neighborhood.

Sahara Sailor feeder for two birds

The Sahara Sailor is a modern design feeder – far from the typical wooden huts – with two transparent compartments to place two different types of food if we want. In this way, they can eat, at least, up to two birds in it. In addition, being made of copper, it will withstand any situation.

Sahara Sailor feeder for two birds for €19.99

Wenge feeder

A classic feeder: Wenge is a feeder made of flagship pine and varnished with ecological sunscreen and natural beeswax, making it respectful of the environment. It can be fixed to the wall and has a small space to place food, whatever its type.

Wenge feeder for €15.95

NIUXX transparent trough

The most complete of all. This feeder made of acrylic materials and wooden details can be placed both on windows -thanks to three suction cups- and on trees, walls or areas where it can be hung. It has two compartments where different types of food can be placed and it has a small area to place water.

In addition, being completely transparent, it makes it easier for us to see the birds.

NIUXX transparent feeder for €35.89

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