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The best mosquito repellent sprays sold on Amazon

The one with the mosquitoes is the most recurring theme of the summer. From now on they besiege us in the afternoon, at night and in some areas during the day too, with their painful bumps and itchy inflammations.

have been tested thousands of methods to avoid mosquito bitesIt has been said that it has to do with blood sugar, with the smell of the skin, and even with the race of the person. The truth is that although there may be different conditions, what mosquitoes want is human blood to suck, without further consideration, decree, religion or race.

Y Very few methods have been shown to be effective. against them, although there is something that is known for sure, and that is that mosquitoes have a sense of smell, at least enough to smell blood and know if it is to their liking or not.

For this reason, one of the most endorsed and safest systems is to smear ourselves with mosquito repellent substances. These types of juices have a natural and even anthropological origin, since they have long been used to repel mosquitoes.

For example geraniums, basilwhich is usually planted in the orchards between crops, because they are one of the areas that accumulate the most mosquitoes, aloe vera and other plants are known as repellents against mosquitoes.

But since it is not a matter of scrubbing them with basil or geranium leaves every morning, we have at our disposal sprays made with these substances that they are effective and, well sprayed on our skin, they will avoid the unpleasantness of bites. Here we bring you the three best rated on Amazon.

Ecran Repel Care

It is a spray that uses aloe vera as a repellent. It comes in a 100 ml container and ensures efficacy against black flies, ticks, the common mosquito and even the tiger mosquito. It is recommended by Amazon and has 1,222 opinions, 66% of them five stars.

🦟 Buy this product on Amazon from 4.27 euros

Autan Family Care Repellent

Another recommendation from Amazon that comes in a 100 ml bottle and is suitable for children from two years old, youth and adults. It ensures efficacy for four hours after application and does not specify the type of substance it contains. It receives 932 opinions, of which 70% are very positive.

🦟 Buy this product on Amazon from 6.39 euros

Strong Relay

Formulated with Icaridine 20% and Enoxolone 0.5%, suitable for sensitive skin and for children from 3 years of age. Useful against the tiger mosquito, indicated for humid areas, beaches, lakes and/or swimming pools, it comes in a 70 ml container. It has 1,400 reviews on Amazon, of which 67% are five-star.

🦟 Buy this product on Amazon from 7.55 euros

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