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The best multipurpose gloves with LED lights for adventure nights

There are times when we need to go out in the dark, either because we like, for example, riding a bicycle at night or because, for some reason, we have to do “handyman” in the middle of the night. Although rare and very limited in use, there is a type of glove with LED lights that have different functions.

These types of gloves basically prevent us from having to carry a flashlight by hand. Its main uses, in general, are to carry out some activities such as camping, fishing or going on a night route, plus the previous examples that we have previously commented on.

In ConsumptionClaro, we recommend some of the most interesting models that Amazon has.

Filowa LED Light Gloves

Cheap, simple and functional gloves. Filowa gloves are a good option for those who, either out of curiosity or need, want to have some.

They are ultralight gloves that have two LED lights for each one: one located on the index finger and the other on the thumb. It is adjusted through a strap on the wrist to prevent them from falling off and they have batteries of up to 6 hours.

Filowa LED light gloves €11.96

Hanpure Gloves

Another low-cost model that, according to the manufacturer, is designed for mechanics and electricians. Like the previous model, each of the gloves has two LED flashlights, one on the index finger and the other on the thumb, and each one with its corresponding battery.

These follow the same structure as those of Filowa: they are black and made of an elastic material that closes at the wrist.

Hanpure gloves for €16.99

Kezkal’s Gloves

A slightly more professional alternative: the Kezkals LED light gloves are a small improvement over the previous ones. Although they are similar in design and have two lights each (on the index and thumb), they are made of ecological fabric and, unlike those of Filowa and Hanpure, their batteries are rechargeable via USB.

Kezkals gloves for €25.99

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