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The best photos of 2021 taken with a microscope | Digital Trends Spanish

Since 1975, the renowned Nikon camera company has organized the Nikon Small World competition, which highlights the best photos taken with the assistance of a microscope.

Since then, the competition has become the premier showcase for photomicrographers, coming from a wide range of scientific disciplines. The result is a collection of incredible images, from both professionals and amateurs, spanning a wide variety of techniques.

In this year’s edition, Nikon received nearly 1,900 photos from nearly 100 countries. Then, a panel of five judges selected the 20 winning images and 80 other photomicrographs for a distinction or honorable mention. Ultimately, this was the image that won the victory.

Trichomes (white appendages) and stomata (purple pores) on a southern live oak leaf. First place. Jason kirk

First place went to Jason Kirk, the director of a microscopic imaging facility at Baylor School of Medicine. To create the winning image, he illuminated the structures of a small-scale leaf using a custom microscope. He then captured about 200 images and stacked them on top of each other to create the vibrant photomicrograph.

With it, he was able to show the trichomes of the leaf, which are small outgrowths that protect the plant and which in the image are white. The pores that help the plant regulate gas flows, called stomata, can also be seen in purple. And finally, what is seen in a turquoise tone are the glasses that transport the water throughout the leaf.

On the competitor’s website, Nikon explains what photomicrography means to them: “It’s a whitepaper,” which can be a relevant input for science or industry. “A good photomicrograph is also an image whose structure, color, composition and content is an object of beauty, open to various levels of understanding and appreciation,” they add.

“Nikon Small World was created to show the world how art and science come together under the microscope, and this year’s first place winner couldn’t be a better example of that combination,” said Nikon Instruments’ communications manager. in a press release.

Below we share other impressive images left by the competition, although if you want to review them all you can take a look at the website from Nikon Small World.

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