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The best portable air conditioner you will find in this list | Digital Trends Spanish

When it’s hot outside, opening the window won’t help you at all; it will only get hotter, especially if you are in an area with high humidity. In these types of situations, a portable air conditioner is a refreshing solution. We have tested an extensive number of household products and created this guide where you will find the best portable air conditioner for your needs – take a look and don’t suffer this summer.

You will be interested in:

Black & Decker AC / heater

Versatile and powerful, this Black and Decker model can cool an area up to 350 square feet with a vertical flow of cool air. You can also switch it to heating mode in winter, with options up to 14,000 BTUs to ensure the environment stays warm. It also purifies the air with an included filter and dehumidifier that helps draw water out of the air to keep rooms cool and dry, although keep in mind that the dehumidification feature requires a window vent so it won’t work in a room fully. closed. There are no smart features on this model, but it does come with a handy remote that displays the current temperature and allows for programming, fan settings, and much more.

Evaporate EV-1500

If you are looking for personal comfort in your office or in a small space, the Evapolar EV-1500 is the ideal equipment. Capable of cooling, humidifying and filtering the air, this cube-shaped appliance can handle a space of up to 45 square feet. Power options include a direct electrical connection as well as a USB. If you don’t have enough outlets in the room, simply connect the air conditioner to your laptop or another device.

This equipment also has the great air filtration function, which helps you remove pollutants in the space around you. It’s a small device, so if you’re looking to keep cool at your desk, this air conditioner is ideal.

Honeywell CS071AE

Honeywell CS071AE cooler / humidifier portable air conditioner

We’re sure you’ve noticed that many of the best portable air conditioners tend to be around $ 500. If that’s too expensive for you, check out this cooler and humidifier that includes a robust dust filter and a handy remote control. It’s especially accessible, but it’s also designed for small spaces, making it a great option for a small room or office. Make sure to place it right next to a desk or sofa so you can feel the effects and enjoy its freshness.

Whirlpool WHAP141AW

Whirlpool WHAP141AW

For those rooms in your house that are never cool in the summer, it’s time for the 14,000 BTU Whirlpool WHAP141AW. Capable of cooling, ventilating and dehumidifying spaces up to 550 square feet, three cooling modes and fan speeds allow you to optimize the unit based on the room where you place it. Its design without water containers prevents you from having to fill it with this liquid when it is in cooling mode, since all the air it gets is automatically evaporated. We also love the Mirage display that shows the temperature settings. Although not inexpensive or feature-packed, the WHAP141AW is ideal for large rooms.

LG LP419 Portable Smart AC

LG LP419 Portable AC

For those of us who want the best of our appliances, the LG LP419 is one of the more tech-savvy ACs on our list. The 14,000 BTU device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Nothing is better than walking into a room and saying “Alexa, turn on the air conditioning.” And from that we have other smart controls through the LG Smart AC app. Once the AC is connected to the Wi-Fi, you can use the app to set the temperature, timers and control the on and off of your climate from home and away. This is also one of the quietest air conditioners on the list, operating at just 44 decibels, making it perfect for bedrooms. The cooling functions (three speeds and “auto cool”), ventilation and dehumidification are your main control modes. Best of all, the built-in “dual inverter” keeps the appliance running smoothly, helping you lower your monthly electricity bill by as much as 40 Percent.

Whynter ARC-101

Whynter ARC-101 AC air conditioner / dehumidifier

This powerful Whynter model can cool a 300 square foot room and switch between air conditioning, single fan and dehumidifier modes as needed (as usual, the dehumidifier mode is designed to be used with a window vent and can remove up to 70 pints per day). It also does a good job of purification with a pre-filter and a carbon filter. The controls allow you to set a daily program with different specific temperatures for the room. Overall, it can be a large household or commercial unit, but it is slightly larger and louder than many home air conditioning units.

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